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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Patriotic Porch for the 4th

I have the back porch decorated for a Pre 4th of July get together later this week.

This was such a fun project! 

  I started my decorating at the mantel and went from there.   The first thing I did was hang a big red pick up that had been painted on a piece of corrugated  metal.  

I filled my chicken nester with red and pink geraniums and a few blue roses.

A banner hung across the nester completed the centerpiece for the mantle.

On each side of the mantel,   I sat some yard sale trophies that I gave makeovers.

Some of the trophies got a Patriotic makeover......

On the other end of the mantel,   the trophies makeover was a little different......

The pink trophies makeover was more of a shabby chic meets farmhouse style

I had my dressform on the front porch last week......hoping to scare off some of the birds that want to sit on the patio!    She didn't scare off any birds.....if anything she was just another perch for them!      So,  I moved her to the back porch and gave her a new title ......Miss USA

She also got a new outfit......

I have vintage metal serving carts on each side of the faux fireplace ......wicker settee's......lots of comfy pillows.....and a whimsical Raggedy Ann.    

Each corner of the porch has a potted plant on a pedestal.

My daughter had her pickup loaded with aluminum headed to the recycle place and H happened to be over at her house and saw this pink metal serving cart on the top of the pile.    He called me at home and asked if I wanted it and of course I did.   I can;t believe that my own flesh and blood would throw away good!

I had plenty of blue and white buffalo check place mats to put on each shelf that I bought at a yard sale over the week end.

I can't wait for it to get dark this evening.......

The porch is so romantic with all the lights on in the evening......

I plan to scatter some more Patriotic decor around the yard before the party......

The baseballs and vintage cars remind me of 4th of July celebrations when I was a kid.......

Let's play balllll!


  1. Hi Penny! I love your porch and your beautiful back yard, too!!! I have my mom's little metal cart put away in our basement. You have me thinking it is time to bring it back up, give it a fresh coat of paint and put it back into use! I love yours, they are really pretty, girl! God bless and wishing you a bright and beautiful Tuesday!

  2. Looks like you are all set...when i had a shop, I sold a ton of raggedy Anns/ and Andys especially the Americana ones. So cute to see yours!

  3. Good morning Penny, What fun you have decorating,that I am sure. I love the baseballs. Baseball to me is like the American Indians; can't get any more American than that!
    I really like the trophies. What a clever way to use them instead of them going to a junk pile. I like the horse on one and the chicken on the other one. You repurpose things and save so much from being thrown into the dump.
    This Good Old USA need more true Americans like you and H, proud hard working and Love of Their Country. Thank you and May God Bless America Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a perfect place for a pre-4thof July party! You are sure to get everyone in the spirit with all those decorations.

  5. The perfect place! Happy 4th to you!

    Cottage Blessings,

  6. So beautiful and patriotic, I love it! Blessings, Loni

  7. Cute, cute. I love the draped flag and the red truck. Have a wonderful 4th.

  8. Penny,
    I just love this porch!! ever since you first shared it when you and H. re -did it, I have just loved the way it looked and now, all decked out for the 4th of July, it is truly spectacular!! Everything looks so festive and so inviting!! What i wouldn't give to come and have a glass of tea with you on this lovely porch...


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