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Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Pastel Porch for the Lazy Days of Summer

I really thought when I decorated the front porch in a Patriotic theme around Memorial Day that I would like it decorated that way until Labor Day.     But now...... only half way thru the summer,   I have found myself  putting away the bright colored Patriotic decor and replacing it with the pastel colors I love so much. 

 I wanted the porch to reflect the calm feeling pastel colors give me,   so I started my transformation by hanging a soft grey farmhouse rules sign by the front door.


      Familiar decorating  pieces give me a peaceful,   I included some of my favorite pieces rag banner and white metal chicken just to name a couple.

I used a few new pieces as well.
    I took a photo of the flower box on the front porch and put it in the newly painted picture frame I bought a couple of weeks ago at a yard sale.

I replaced the brightly colored Patriotic decor I had on the serving cart under the mirror.

A few simple decorating pieces created the look I was going for.....

I brought out the piano stool that was in the family dining room and placed it by the front door.     

A girl needs a place to sit down and take off  her!

I filled a vintage ice cream freezer with white sun flowers like the ones I used in the flower box on the other side of the porch.     (I have a pic of the flower box I filled with white sun flowers later on in the post)

I replaced the brightly colored Patriotic wreath that was on the front door. .........

I hung one of my favorite wreaths on the door.      It's one of my favorite wreaths and you've seen me use it many times.   

TIP........  I put a suction on the glass door and  wired the bottom of my wreath to it so my wreath wouldn't flop around every time someone opened the front door.

The wreath I had hung on the door before was really full and you could hardly see thru it.     A simple wreath allows more light to flood into the entryway

I also like the way I can see out onto the porch thru the chicken wire on the wreath.

I made a few changes to the area in front of the porch.   

 I lined the walkway to the porch with pink geraniums........

I replaced the pink and yellow flowers in the flower box above the fountain with white sun flowers,  geraniums,  and  assorted other flowers and greenery.

Here's the pic of the flower box on the porch side that I promised to share earlier.....

The yellow flowers that were in the flower box found a home in the big metal bucket you see sitting on the serving buffet

My lady scare crow took off her Patriotic dress and put back on the one she wore in the spring.     Maybe I'll see pretty outfit at the yard sales this week end and buy it for her!

 I always enjoy your visits so much,    please stop by again soon!


  1. I just LOVE that farmhouse rules sign! I saw one similar somewhere that were "lake house" rules and I really need to just bit the bullet and make myself one. That would be such a cute addition to my front porch as we live on a lake.

  2. LOL, you had to have some PINK somewhere!!!! Very pretty, love the Farmhouse Rules...cute!

  3. Such a pretty porch! I'm always looking for summer decor ideas after 4th of July is over. :)


  4. The white sunflowers are fabulous for your muted decor. I love the wreath with the chicken wire too. Adorable.

  5. Good morning Penny, I do love the white and delicate pink. The geraniums along the walk are so nice. Your entry way is inviting. Looking at your pictures I just want to put my feet up a chaise lounge and sip lemonade and read a book and, and take a nap. Thanks for the sharing your beautiful home.

  6. You do certainly have "the touch". LOVE it all.
    :) gwingal

  7. Lovely porch, Penny! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  8. Penny,
    I am so envious that you have a covered porch to display all your wonderful treasures on!! Love the FarmHouse rules sign!! The geraniums are lovely!! As is your Lady Scare Crow!


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