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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Rooster Weather Vane Chandelier

Despite the hot weather,    H & I decided to get out & see what could be found at the yard sales Saturday.    We drove over to Amarillo Texas which is not too far from where we live in Eastern New Mexico.    It was a nice cool drive  and there were lots of nice yard sales we enjoyed having a wonderful lunch at Teddy Jacks.

H & I both spotted this chandelier at the same time..... even though it was kind of hidden under one of the tables at an Estate Sale we went to.    I thought it would be way more than I wanted to pay,   but was pleasantly surprised when it was marked $45 and even happier when the lady said we could have it for $35

I can't wait to get it hung!    The only problem is.....I can't decide where I want to hang it as it would look great in several spots that I have in the house.

I was so excited to find this unique chandelier that I couldn't resist taking a photo as we were driving off from the estate sale.

One more quick pic,   and we're headed off to the next sale

As you can see,   I didn't find a whole lot more stuff Saturday.     I purchased the pumpkin at a little place I love to shop at earlier in the week,   so I just bundled it in with my yard sale finds since there was plenty of space left on the island.

Here's a break down of what I found.......

And another pic of my favorite find of the day......

I don't usually buy magazines at yard sales because they are decades old.....but these were recent issues that I hadn't seen and the price was right.

I always enjoy your visits so much,   please stop by again soon!


  1. Wow! Love the chandelier and a great buy on those magazines. I am a long-time subscriber of Country Sampler and it is my favorite magazine and really one of the few I still subscribe to. Did you find those at the estate sale too?

  2. Good morning, Oh, I love your chandelier. What a find! What kind of pumpkin is that, is it real or made of some material?
    I have a friend and her brother like to garage sale and I think I'll hang out with them some Saturday. I have another friend who likes to also so we may just make a Saturday of it some weekend.
    I like some the old magazines too. There is so much information in some of them, others I just pass on after looking through and reading through them.
    Glad you had a great weekend.
    Thanks again for sharing!!!!

  3. I love your chandelier, it looks awesome.

  4. Oh, Lord the 'thrift fairies' were on your shoulder for that one....amazing find, great price and you can use it anywhere!

  5. Penny,
    I would have wrestled you for that sweet chandy!!! LOVE it and I can see it in MY Kitchen painted red but i know you will get it a new coat of white!!

  6. Super fun find, Penny! Can't wait to see where you use it!

  7. Great finds! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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