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Friday, July 31, 2020

White Sunflowers in my Front Porch Planter

I haven't had much luck using live plants in my flower box......the soil dries out quickly in the summer heat......and the flowers die in area's,  usually leaving a big hole right in the center of the flower!    So,  today I have my shutter flower box filled with faux white sunflowers and pink Geraniums.
   I used to only use sunflowers in my fall decor......not anymore though!     Instead of the standard yellow sunflower,   stores now carry them in pink,  white,  green,  orange......just about any color you would need to fit into your decorating color scheme.   I think sunflowers work perfect in farmhouse decor almost year round.

I added some metal Farmhouse pieces to my flower box......

I have a metal barn on the left end of the flower box......

and a metal Rooster on the right end of the flower box.

I've had my Welcome to the Farm sign hung on the other side of the flower box for quite a while,   so I moved it to the front side for a new look.    

I have wind chimes hung on each side of my flower box.....they sound so pretty when there is a mild breeze.

You've seen my Rooster wind chime in several area's around the yard and even in the!....  but this time he's sporting a new look.

I have another white Rooster wind chime on the other side of my window box......both chimes came from Tractor Supply.

A Rooster mail box cover carries on my Farmhouse theme for the front yard....

The final touch is a couple of rusty pink tricycles on each side of the fountain.

Here is how the flower box looks on the other side.....

I always enjoy your visits so much,    please come back again soon!


  1. Penny,
    Love this flower box and how you styled it!! The flowers in it are lovely...I have been waging a war here against the heat and humidity trying to keep all my flowers alive...Some made it, some did not.... Looking forward o Fall for sure!!

  2. The chimes are so cute and of course I adore sunflowers, especially the white ones.....

  3. You have given me a great idea with the flower box... I have 3 huge shutters- ugly brown I will paint one white and stake it in the ground in front of the house between two wicker chairs and put my flowers and accessories behind it to creat a faux flower box- hot here in FL all year- but for hurricanes I can move it and store quickly. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Adorable. You inspired me to get some white sunflowers. I think your roosters are too cute.


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