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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trash to Treasure!!

I found some really great stuff this Saturday!  Don't you just love that picture frame!!!  

Look how ornate the frame is!  I am going to make it beautiful!!!!

129.95....49.95.... nope  $2!!!!

Isn't this pink lamp neat-o, as they would say in the 50's!!

Couldn't pass up this white vintage clock for .25

Remember the old metal trash cans??

This one needs a good cleaning and guess smells like Old Spice!  Will I ever be able to get that smell out? 

These were $1 each...white and distressed???

Does anyone other than me remember these!!!

I got this vintage floor lamp for $5,  the cord is really frayed, replace that and it will be good as new!  I'll need to bling up the shade that came with it!

A little marble on the bottom of the floor lamp!  I got a box of insulators, maybe some kind of chandy?

Fur hat????  Don't ask me why, I just got it!!!

The lady I got the insulators from said if you bake them in the oven, then put them in hot water...wa la, they crack like this!!  I am joining this party:

I am sharing these inspiring treasures with

I will be partying at

To see more treasures, follow me to

What a party!!!! Come on over to

Party animals!!!!!!!!

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  1. What a lot of fun finds. Love that fur hat!;>) I had forgotten about that trick for crackling those insulators. They do look pretty crackled. Have a great Sunday- xo Diana

  2. Old Spice, fond memories of my Dad. I guess it could have smelled a lot worse. lol I can't believe these prices, especially for the frame and the metal pail. xo

  3. Wow...great haul....put newspaper inside the can...and leave it a day or so...throw it out and do might take a few times...and those are carpet protectors for the legs of furniture...yeah, I know, I am old!

  4. Dear Penny, the frame is fantastic and with your restyling, i' m sure, it will be gorgeous. I can't believe the prices of these things.

  5. oh you had fun Penny and treasures you did find, can't wait to see what you do with some of it.


  6. Wow! You can find treasures! Have an awesome week!

  7. Wowza, you got some great bargains. Yep, I think I know what those little things are for .50 cents. They look like the little coasters that I seen when I was a child that would go under couch legs. The ones I seen were either wood or hard plastic that had carpet on them to keep from putting dents in the flooring.
    What a neat little tip on how to crackle the insulators, will have to remember that one.

  8. I just love finding new things . Thrifting is so much fun. Looks like you hauled it in.. Good looking out.. Cindy

  9. Wow--you found a bunch of great things--so cheap!

  10. Hello, Penny! you really found an amazing treasuries.
    Thanks for the nice comment you left, I'm following you back.


  11. Great finds - didn't know about the insulators trick - will have to try it. Joining from Inspire Me Monday.

  12. i love that retro pink lamp, how fun! these are some great prices on these things, too.

  13. What?! The prices are basically FREE! What tremendous finds!

  14. Wow!!! How great is this??? What great finds and I think I need a photo of you in your new hat! :) Can't wait to see what you do with your new finds! Thank you for sharing at The "Sunday Stop"!

  15. YAY for you!!! I've moved to South America and the thing I miss most...after family and going to yard sales. Boo Hoo.

  16. I love that fab pink lamp! Great finds!

  17. Penny,
    Well , now, didn't you come home with the Mother Load of goodies!! LOL!
    Lots of great things here...can't wait to see what you will be doing with them..



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