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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chenille Spreads!

Saturday was a beautiful fall day...crisp, but sunny, so we headed out for some yard sales and an estate auction.

The estate auction was for the parents of an old school mate of mine. They had some beautiful old chenille spreads that I was lucky enough to get to buy.  They were both in excellent condition, no stains, and smelled fresh!

Isn't this lavender beautiful!

Mr H collects old smoking stands, so I bid on this one. It is all metal and very ornate (sometimes they are plastic)  

I think it would be gorgeous painted white....we'll see what H says!

It still has the original ash tray.

I found these Christmas balls at a yard sale for .05 each, so I bought all they had!

I got the smoking stand for $20 and the spreads were $10 each.

I bought the old milk crate for $4 at a yard sale.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my treasures...Come back soon!

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  1. Penny,
    Great buys!! I have a similar standing ash tray and I have it by my front door for our keys!
    Be careful if you are going to put those chennille bedspreads in the dryer after washing. I did that with one I bought at a thrift store and there was so much lint and fuzz that it blocked our outside dryer vent and we had to snake a thing through it to clean it out. Joe was not thrilled with me that day needless to say!! LOL!!

    I am up to my ears in Christmas florals , wreaths and ribbon getting ready for next Saturday's craft fair!!LOL! And preparing for Sandy to hit us- 6-10 inches of rain possible here...


  2. Love the pink chenille!!

  3. Hi Penny. You certainly made some great buys. Pretty spreads and Christmas ornaments..Happy Sunday..Judy

  4. I love the chenille bedspreads. I've always wanted one. Those Christmas bulbs were a great buy too! take care, Darlene

  5. You did really great at the sale. I especially love the smoking stand and would like to find one after seeing an example transformed into a bird feeder.

  6. Good Afternoon Penny, I love your pink chenille bed spread, I remember by Nan, Ivy, had these on her bed when I was a child. They were so soft to the touch. I found you via Sew Many Ways and have enjoyed reading your blog so I have become a follower. Sending you best wishes from England....Daphne


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