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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kyleigh Graduates Kindergarten!

Our youngest grand daughter graduated from kindergarten yesterday!   Her mom got her a Minnie Mouse  dressed in a pink graduation gown...she loved it!

Our beautiful daughter and Kyleigh.....hard to believe Melissa also has a 23 year old daughter!  She has been an RN for almost 15 years, we are very proud!
Here is Kyleigh waving at us as they come into the gym....I need a better camera sooooo bad!

They sang some songs for us.....the little boy on the left with the blond hair is Kyleighs best friend Ethan.

And here is Kyleigh as she poses with her diploma!   Again....I really need a better camera!


  1. Penny,
    What a grand day it was for all , I am sure!! Kyleigh is the sweetest little girl and WAIT, are you saying her big sister is 23 years old?????? And that your beautiful daughter has another daughter that age when she does not look older than 23 years old herself????? Holy Moly!!

    Your daughter is stunning and it is nice to finally see who the RN that you tell me about finally is!! LOL!! Hats off to all of you!! And Big Congrats to Kyleigh!!


  2. get outta here. sure wears it well. congrats to your granbabe...


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