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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Treasure Hunt

There were three big auctions in our area this week end and H & I made it by each one to hunt for treasures!   Look at this pile of vintage cameras on the kitchen island!   Before I show you some of the cameras, I took some photos of a VERY small sample of all the stuff that was for sale.

The whole front yard, drive way, and back yard was full of boxed items.   Most times they "bundle" several boxes together, so you might have to buy 3-4 boxes to get the one that you want.   A lot of the buyers are antique dealers, sell on Ebay, or have Etsy shops.   

I wanted this metal globe, but it went too high as it was bundled with 4 other boxes.   Cute pix of Mork!

This was an estate sale at the home of an avid outdoors man!  I never saw so many tackle boxes, rods and reel, lanterns, cots, Coleman heaters... you name it....he had it!

Here is some of the stuff piled in the back cream freezers...

bikes, lawn mowers....

skies, snow shoes....

The double garage was full of guns and ammo.   We went to lunch while they sold those...we are not hunters!

Okay....back to the camera's....

I bought 2 big boxes of vintage camera's for $5....its the last entry "2 airface,( lol sbe Air Force) hats and 2 box of contents"  The very tired lady that was writing everything down had been there since 10:30 and I bought these about 4:30.  

There were lots of vintage camera's in the 2 boxes.   My favorite is the one on the left...

It is from the 60's, big leather carrying case, great condition.....

I love the way it folds out!

This is a vintage Revere 8mm Model 88 ....from the 1940"s

I love the look of these vintage Argus cameras...

There was a full case of these flashbulbs... 

Who remembers Sprouse Ritz?  This Polaroid film was bought there!

This is a 1950's Kodak Duaflex II (on the left)

You look down the top of it to focus your photo.

Some of you may remember seeing the deer head that I made last Christmas from burlap and a head from an outdoor lit reindeer.....well,  I have kind of been looking for a real one for some time....

and,   when I saw this guy at the auction,     I fell in love with his beautiful eyes right away....he needed a good home, so I made up my mind to bring him home with me.   He came from Carson Forrest in 1965....I don't know where I am going to hang him yet, but it will be a special place!


  1. I have my daddy's Argus...just like yours, but in a tan leather case. You bought some great old cameras. I'll be interested to see where you hang the adopted buck. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  2. Penny,
    WOW!! That is a lot of cameras!! I will be curious to see what you do with all of them..
    I am glad that you got the deer head as something you really wanted.
    I am very anti- hunting and don't care for people who hunt which is a big thing around here so that would really freak me out in my home but if it is what you like, then good for you!!


  3. Wow Penny...great stuff at those places! I'd love to have the old ice cream freezers and the metal baskets in the picture with them. Can't wait to see what you do with the deer head!

  4. What a deal on the cameras! I love them! I love photography so have always thought it would be cool to decorate with old cameras. :)

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  6. Oh, hubby has some great cameras from his dad too, specially one that looks so much like your folding out one, lol.. I love your camera collection...great find Penny and what a deal on that box! I'd love to see where you're going to put the real deer head too! Have a nice week.

  7. Wow! You hit the jackpot on cameras! I'm jealous! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

  8. Wow!!!
    Love the cameras you really found a treasure.

  9. How much fun! Would love to have an old wooden ice cream freezer that still worked. You got some neat things.

    I am your newest follower.


  10. Man! That was a treasure hunt! Look at all of the stuff! I'll bet it was fun going through all those boxes. I can't believe all those cameras you got!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Hi there! I'm stopping by from the Sew chatty linky. Thank you for sharing this post, lucky you that you have an old Polaroid camera! I'm following you via Bloglovin' and hope you'll return the favor ;)
    See you

  12. You are so great at bargaining at the auction. We rarely have auctions with this quality of items. Love the camera collection.

  13. Wow,nice lot of cameras.I sold a Poloroid Land Camera for $100 last year and I know the poloroid film can sell for a nice chunk of change too.
    My uncle used to be an avid hunter and my aunt used to decorate the heads in their living room at Christmas by putting red balls on their noses,lol.

  14. Such a great find - what a huge lot of unique cameras!

  15. Wow. Thats my kind of treasure hunting! You need to take me with you next time! :)

  16. I can't believe all the cameras you found! What a great score! My husband would have loved to look at all the bikes at that sale.
    Thanks so much for linking up to Frugal Crafty Home!

  17. What fun to be able to go treasure hunting at an auction like that, and what great prices! What a bunch of cameras in one place. amazing and an amazing price! Happy VTT

  18. That looks like a great way to spend a weekend. Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do This Weekend!

  19. Wow, Penny - this must have been an amazing auction - I think you came away with the best! These cameras are awesome! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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