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Friday, September 27, 2013

Sam Skeleton....Piano Player

For your listening pleasure tonight,  Sam Skeleton will be playing the piano.   He is all decked out with his black and white striped suit, white tie, and Dollar Tree hat.   He thinks the rose between his teeth makes him look!
The vintage ironing board painted with blackboard paint has a  list of some favorite Halloween songs that Sam likes to play.... 
I have added lights to the inside of the piano and .....

draped vintage player piano music sheets down the front...

Wichy woman.....can't spell?????   Witchy...witchy...witchy!!!

Sam has a "tip" jar set out...hint, hint!

Sam,s back up singers are a group of "crows"   (from the Dollar Tree, of course)

More  inexpensive decorating from the Dollar Tree.....skeleton heads and creepy gauze.

Sam wasn't using his shoes, so I filled them with dried roses.

Sam's favorite move?  Casablanca....of course!
The cute mouse on the piano?  Gotta love Dollar Tree...
It's almost midnight......the Witching Hour....

Maybe Sam's girlfriend will come by then and sing a song or two with him!

Til next time....


  1. You are so creative Penny! The musical repertoire is awesome...he is quite a piano virtuoso!

  2. Oh my gosh Penny, you are adorable!... and so is Sam!... you have my kind of imagination girl... love it!... love all the songs requested and also the tip jar... and yes, the rose DOES make him sexy!... can I request "I'll Put A Spell on You?"... play it again Sam... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Penny a Fantastic Display! Play on Sam! But out of all this, for some reason I am totally drawn to the pumpkin on the floor with the burlap bow and stylized sunflower! Just loved it!

  4. You are always very creative. I love the shoes with roses and the lights inside the piano give a romantic atmosphere.

  5. This is great Penny I love your creativity. I always enjoy getting your post they never fail to make me smile.

  6. Hi Penny! This is just fantastic! Ever so creative and fun and pretty all at the same time! Well done! Catherine

  7. Penny, I so look forward to your posts, make me smile! You are so talented.

  8. Sam is awesome! My Sam would love your Sam! =)


  9. Featuring next Friday at Bacon Time!

  10. Your Halloween decor is adorable, Penny.....I just don't heave enough time to get any done in my home. I'm still doing fall!

  11. I would love to hear Sam's rendition of Ghost Busters! LOL. This really made my smile!

  12. Everyone must love coming to your house.

  13. I love the tip jar!!! Thanks for sharing at the Pinworthy Project Party!

  14. lovely black and white vignettes. love this look so much and love the mirthful nature of it all.

  15. ph hpw cute and scary! I love the tips jar!! thanks for linking to the DIY Sunday Showcase,

  16. Really cute!! Love the chalkboard ironing board!! At first , I thought it was a casket!! Sure looks like one....
    I am so envious of all the fun you are having decorating for Halloween....


  17. Your all decked out for Halloween! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

  18. What a fun, creepy corner. Love the blackboard on the ironing board!



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