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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Vintage Angel Tree Toppers

We braved the freezing cold yesterday and went to the auction....I think the high for the last few days has been around 15 degrees!   Brrrrrr!  

I bought three beautiful angel tree toppers for.....
This one is my favorite of the three and I put her on the cross that I have in our bedroom....
I keep this cross in our bedroom year round, but for Christmas, I added some pink lights.  I put the small angel in the center of the cross and the two larger ones on the tiered table to the left of the cross.
Here are some of the small crosses that I have hanging on the big cross!

See how pretty she looks in the center of the cross!
I also bought some pretty pink baby scales and two baby dolls for $12.50.....

Aren't these scales sweet....
The vintage porcelain dolls are in excellent condition.   One of them has a long gown....
and the other has a short gown with layers and layers of lace.

I have some of my Putz houses on the bedside table....

These are some that I bought at Hobby Lobby a few years ago (unfinished) and decorated myself...

Merry Christmas!


  1. I' ve never seen a such romantic and pink cross before! You are so inventive, Penny! I love the beautiful porcelain dolls and i love the sweet houses

  2. The dresses are so beautiful on those dolls, I love all the angels. Penny you have everything looking so beautiful, and you were so clever decorating those houses.

  3. Oh my! I am jealous! What beautiful dolls and angels! I never find things like that where we are! Everything looks beautiful, warm and inviting! ♥

  4. What darling items! Everything looks lovely!

  5. Such lovely angels. You scored with that find.

  6. quelle splendide déco , anges et poupées
    tout en dentelle , c'est super beau
    plein de tendresse
    edith (iris)

  7. Love your finds! I have been on the hunt for a similar doll for my tree, nothing so far.

    Just love your house!

  8. Penny,
    I just adore that cross and all those darling angels!! The putz houses are enchanting too.....


  9. Love the pastels, very sweet!

  10. The angels are very lovely. That's awesome that you have a cross in your bedroom. Thanks for linking up for Take is on Tuesdays!!


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