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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lace & Satin Christmas Trees

Some of you may remember the tree I made last year for our bedroom out of vintage wedding gowns....well, this year I decided to make two lace and satin trees!  One for each side of the fireplace!  

For the centerpiece of the mantle, I have a beautiful deer head.   I never thought that you would see one of these in my home, but I fell in love with him the minute I layed eyes on him!  He was in a dark, dusty corner of an antique store in east Texas....and I knew he had to come home with me.  
He is framed with an ornate cream frame that we hung in the center of  the was tricky to get that frame to "stand alone" on the!   In the space between the frame and the rock fireplace, I have the lace trees that I showed you how to make in an earlier post....there are also clear lights behind the bottom of the frame.
He is loved here, and is the center of all the attention!  Some of you may remember the one that is in our formal dining room...yes, I have two of them.   The other one was at an auction...looking so pitiful.   I have got to stop looking into their eyes......
I made him a beautiful garland to put around his is also his favorite color!

Here is a view from the kitchen....
I decorated the coffee table with white deer, white wreaths, and touches of pale pink.....

I added some cream colored roses and pale pink balls to the wreaths....

The deer head is in the center of one of the wreaths and I have a large candle in the center of the other one.

I wanted to show you some close ups of the lace and satin trees.   This one has a small bow for a tree topper and another large bow close to the top.  The only ornament on the tree is a small Santa head...and I have some white shimmery garland wrapped around the tree.

Here is a close up of some of the beautiful laces that I used on the tree.
The other tree also has a bow for the topper with a Santa hanging from it.   It has the same shimmery garland wrapped around it as the other tree does.

Beautiful ribbon roses are in the center of the satin bow.
Here are the close ups of the lace on the second tree.
The mantle is wrapped with this gorgeous wide sequined trim that I bought at the auction and some glittery flowers that I found at Hobby Lobby.

This photo was taken from the sun can see all the way into the kitchen...a festival of trees!
              Merry Christmas!


  1. hi Penny I haven't been on in awhile, really busy I am now a Chalk Paint™Decorative paint by Annie Sloan stockist. One of my my acquaintance on fb posted a picture of a Christmas tree made out of wedding gowns and I knew it and have been through all your past blogs for two months. Then I thought I was losing my mind and low and behold I found this one above. The girl had said I wish I knew who did it and I had said I know... Now I do. Love the two little ones too, gorgeous. God Bless... oh all your other trees are beautiful, the one in the kitchen is so pretty. Love them all

  2. My Granddaughter would go crazy visiting your home. It looks beautiful.

  3. Stunningly beautiful, Penny. That would take me months to do!

  4. You've created an enchanting winter storybook forest!

  5. Penny, your home is so magical for Christmas! I think I would actually jump for joy to see it all in person...absolutely beautiful!

  6. Penny,
    Unbeleivable!!m I want to know where di you get so many wedding gowns..... I just saw a post about a wedding gown tree where the gwon was displayed on a dress form with ornaments hung all over it..... So cute.....


  7. It's wonderful, Penny! Thanks for linking up at Link It or Lump It this week!

  8. Love the all white lace look! Thanks for linking up for Take is on Tuesdays!!



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