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Monday, March 10, 2014

Tea in the Green House

It was 75 degrees here in New Mexico today.......just a beautiful sunny day.
I took some  time to relax,  do some reading, and enjoy my first cup of tea in the new green was wonderful
I bought a pot of tulips at the grocery store to enjoy at my "tea party".    I also got out some of my ceramic hummingbirds.
This is really a coffee pot, but I loved the yellow tulip on, I will use it as a tea pot!   I picked a pretty yellow rose tea cup to have my tea in today.
The tea cup is a Lefton and I'm not familiar with the marking on the bottom of the coffee pot.   If anyone can give me any info....I'd appreciate it!
I've been playing with the decor on the potting table today!  

I changed out the pot of greenery for this gorgeous pot of purple petunias.
I got the petunias at Home Depot the other day...$5 for a hanging basket.

   Next to the petunias is a "topless" casserole dish that I bought at a yard sale a long time ago.   I planted some grass seed in it that  I am hoping gets thick enough to use in a Easter vignette that I am planning to do in a couple of weeks.

The humming birds needed some company,  so I put some blue birds on the potting table.
If you notice,  I have two bird figurines that are alike.   My mother and I each bought one many years ago....I don't know which one is who's, but they are both special! 

Thanks for joining me for tea today.....
Come back soon!


  1. Penny: A usual, your home looks amazing. How do you have the time to do all this decorating? Love your new green house. Hugs, Martha

  2. Hello Penny,
    What a cozy spot to relax and renew in! I am loving your green house all dressed up so nice. I love your lefton tea cup. The coloring is fab!
    I had a sunny day out in the yard reading, such a treat!

  3. I just cannot get over how sweetly you put things together...I just love it! I'm stretching more and more. Of course I don't have the lovelies you have but it's fun to work with what I do have. And I DO mean FUN! :) I dig more and more stuff out...still have not gotten into my cartons of Easter yet.
    That potting ..just wonderful!!

  4. Penny, absolutely love the greenhouse - but it looks like it needs a guest - I could pack my bags and move right in. It is adorable and only you (and H) could have done it so beautifully!! Enjoy this beautiful weather!!

  5. Precious is the word to describe the green house! I love the coffee/tea pot with the yellow tulip for your tea time. The yellow roses cup and saucer is the perfect addition. The weather is now warm here in Texas at 80 degrees as it is in New Mexico. Have a delightful week!


  6. I LOVE your green-house ! What a lovely place to have your first cup of tea in the morning.

  7. How wonderful to sit in your little greenhouse and have tea! I think my husband would have to drag me out of there, I'd probably disappear out there for hours!

  8. un endroit de rêve pour prendre un thé
    je pense que vous allez y passer beaucoup d'heures
    bon mardi
    edith (iris)

  9. Penny this is the most awesome green house. Just a wonderful place to get away from the house, ahhhh.

  10. How marvellous your tea time in the green house! The petunias are fantastic and every decor is perfect, gorgeous as usual.

  11. I might never get anything done sitting in the green house!! What an awesome place for tea, thinking or sleeping! Just gorgeous!! Do you take reservations??

  12. How nice to have tea in your greenhouse. How nice to have a greenhouse! Everything looks lovely. I lived in NM for 23 years ago ... almost 30 years ago. How time flies! Happy Tea Day!

  13. It would be so fun to have a tea party in that atmosphere!

  14. Ot just gets cuter by the day! Love it all and what fun! I can't see you SITTING though! Maybe just a minute or two!

  15. What a wonderful green house! Fabulous! I love your cozy furnishings and china. So cozy!

  16. I can see you are having so much fun in your green house! You have decorated it so beautifully! I had so much fun looking at everything so carefully! Looking forward to seeing many more posts of your lovely greenhouse!

  17. It will be so wonderful to go out there on chilly days and bask in the warmth! You've decorated it so cute. The hummingbirds and bluebirds are cute, but you forgot the cutest two love birds! You are a wonderful couple and your love for each other shines through!

  18. What a fun place! Greenhouse/Dollhouse we all dreamed of when we were girls. :) Thank you for sharing this.
    Gentle Joy

  19. Penny, your tea time space looks like such a relaxing spot. I'd love to have a greenhouse this lovely!

  20. Holy smokes Penny, you have the most wonderful greenhouse tea. Love the whole feel and exactly what I needed now that the rain is back to Vancouver. Love your sunny day and plan to hold it in my heart for a long while. Hope your week is bumping along nicely. :)

  21. Penny, your greenhouse is amazing! Love, love the potting bench. I just planted some grass in a casserole with a bird scene on the front yesterday. I love having pots of grass for Easter vignettes. I think I could sit and sip tea for ours in this cozy place. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. Penny,
    Your new green house is just so wonderful both inside and out!! I am so in love with it. I would be decorating it too and sitting in it having a cup of Tea rather than planting . It would be like a doll house for me!! LOL!!

    75 degrees !!! It was 13 degrees here yesterday!! Today is now in the 40's!! A heat wave!! BUT they are calling for snow on Monday!! UGH!!

    I am finally taking down my Valentines Decorations this weekend.....


  23. Your sunroom is beautiful. Can I come for tea? Visiting from Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party!

  24. I always LOVE your decor! Thanks so much for sharing this on Worthwhile Wednesdays!
    ~Allie @


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