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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How I Organized My Ribbon

I needed to organize my was all just "dumped" in a large drawer.   I thought about putting all the ribbon on a long hanging pole....but I really wanted something more mobile.   I had a picture in my mind of me relaxing on my chaise lounge....with my ribbon close at hand......making bows for my projects ....drinking ice!

So this is what I came up with to store my ribbon on.
I "married"  a French drying rack with a small table to make a great little piece of furniture to store my ribbon on!   The drying rack "arms" are perfect to put either multiple small rolls of ribbon on one arm or a single  large roll of ribbon....
The top of the little table was open and could hold jewelry or other small objects....there was a glass piece that covered your "treasures" but it had unfortunately got broke.
  H sprayed the drying rack with Krylon Ballet Slipper and painted the table with Valspar Utterly Pink.
I had lots of small rolls of ribbon that I decided to wrap around vintage wooden spools.
I can now see what ribbon I have at a glance....

My ribbon storage is very light and can easily be moved to whatever area I need it.......mostly over by the chaise!

I have been in the process of organizing the studio and I am so pleased with the progress!   Now,  I can actually find my supplies when I need them!


  1. I'm the first! Your studio is full and rich of many treasures. I adore everything and the!

  2. Great solution! I'd never seen a drying rack like that before. I Googled it in 'images' and found it at World Market. Is that where you got yours? Fantastic idea!

  3. Bella e romantica la tua camera studio!Baci,Rosetta

  4. I have a nice collection of vintage clothing and I like the way you have used them here. Lovely as always.

  5. Organizing has always been a challenge for me. Probably always will be. I am fascinated as I watch you go through your "studio" and organize. I am overwhelmed by all I have and it is a far cry from what you have. PH had led a "minimal" life with his late wife and when I arrived with my things, he was overwhelmed. I don't even know where many of my things are since we married and I moved in..up in the overhead storage in the garage, somewhere buried in one of the sheds...who knows? As I get older and the years pass it gets more and more overwhelming and my husband is not the same kind of helpmate yours is. Not even close. He helps, of course, but not with organizing. So...I watch you carefully as you go through and sort things out. Another thing is that I don't have extra buildings to put things in...that is also a problem. Two little commercial sheds ...those little metal ones.. that's it and the garage. Plus the home is a small one.
    Having storage like you have is fantastic. AND it looks pretty..I love it. (I think I'm going to swoon!) LOL


  7. Very nice! Makes a nice decoration piece too!

  8. Great idea and it looks pretty too! My ribbon and lace is soooooo disorganized. All I do is throw everything in totes by colors. Not very inspiring at all! LOL!

  9. My ribbon is all over the place. It's so nice to see how other's organize theirs. Thanks for sharing at Project Pin-It!


  10. I hope that works well for you. You have some pretty ribbon!!!

  11. Great idea Penny and the pink is perfect for ribbons!

  12. Love the vintage wooden spools. Did I ever tell you I sometimes think you could be on TV?

  13. Ribbon is so pretty, it really does need to be displayed. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  14. Such a clever and creative way to store ribbon. You always have good ideas.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Penny.

  15. I love this great organizational idea!! And I adore the vintage spools, Penny!!
    I have about 10 tubs of craft supplies down our storage shed in addition to everything I have at the house so I am going through everything and deciding what i am keeping and what is being donated to the church flea market in an attempt to condense and straighten out......
    We are finally having temps. in the 70's but i am still holding off planting my annuals for fear of frost....


  16. Just a lovely idea!! Pinned and sharing!!

    Hugs from Freedom Fridays With All My Bloggy Friends

  17. This is a beautiful way to keep your ribbons. You reminded me of that episode of Friends when Monica talks about her "Ribbon drawer"

  18. You probably have the only pink bottle rack - love it! Beautifully done! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  19. Penny, you make EVERYTHING beautiful! I just love your studio. And this ribbon organizer is a work of art in itself!

    Thank you so much for joining Grace at Home. I'm featuring you this week!


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