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Monday, June 30, 2014

Rooster and Roses Dishware

I was so excited to be able to purchase this set of Rooster & Roses dishes at the auction Saturday!    These dishes were manufactured in Japan in the 50's and are fairly hard to find.....I was lucky to get them!    The only other bidder was an antique dealer that quit bidding and let me have them.   We are friends and it was so sweet of her to do that,  I hugged her neck and gave her a big "thank you"!   I had the opportunity to repay the favor later on in the auction.
I couldn't wait to get them home and set up a cheery breakfast table in the dining room.

  I went out to the garden this morning and cut roses and all kinds of flowers from around the yard.   We planted wildflowers this year for the first time and I am loving the wonderful assortment that came in the package.
The first piece I wanted you to see is the teapot....
Here is the large & small pitcher/creamers.
I thought that plaid placemats would be a perfect fit for the dishes....and I layered a crocheted piece to set the flatware on.
Large oval platter.....
Salt & Pepper shakers....
all the pieces are marked PY and a few still have the Ucagco sticker on them.
$25.00 for my "set of chickens"
Sugar and creamer.......
I have some of the extra dishes displayed in a set of drawers from an old sewing machine cabinet...
In the total set,  there  were 5 dinner plates,  6 small plates,  9 cups,  10 saucers ,  3 soup bowls and all the pieces that you saw in the above photos.
Our daughter came by this morning to pick up Kyleigh and she really loved this set......I was glad to hear that....because they will be hers someday....


  1. You have a really great new set of dishware. So fun and pretty at the same time. You did well. I really love how you have some in the drawers from an old sewing machine; that is fantastic. The placemats and doilies all add to it. What a wonderful way to start ones day.

  2. Funny that the auction people didn't know a "rooster" was different than a chicken. I am trying to learn these things myself! Very sweet!

  3. I'm out traveling but when I saw your post, I had to come and see! Oh, what a treat! I love this pattern and wish I had some too. Sounds like you got them for a great price.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. WOW! What a wonderful way to attend and auction and find this terrific set! The rooster and roses pattern is so cheerful and is perfect for breakfast. The teapot and platter are my favorite serving pieces.

    Hope your week is great!

  5. Those are really pretty. Nice purchase! You have the best auctions!

  6. PENNY!!!

    Be still be heart!!!! OMG!!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!! So very cute and the tea pot is stunning!!

    What a great price too!! I am so jealous!! LOL!!

    You do so well at these auctions!!

    I bought some dishes at Salvation Army a few weeks ago to match an existing set that i have and i am kicking myself for not buying all the pieces they had there.....

    Will be posting about them soon.....


  7. cette ensemble est splendide
    cette faïence ressemble un peu à de la faïence que l'on trouve en Bretagne ( France )
    très belle acquisition
    edith (iris) France

  8. Those are so cute! I am glad you were able to get them. They have such a happy and fun look about them. Enjoy!

  9. Please don't misunderstand me..I am so, so pleased that you found this gorgeous set..but then I felt so sorry for myself I laid my head down on the computer keys and bawled!! Yes, Bawled! Great big old "feelin' sorry for myself" tear! :) They are gorgeous, Penny! Perfect in you home. You were so lucky to find them. Love those sewing machine drawers too!

  10. Wow, I have never seen such a large set of Roosters and Roses before. She must really like you!

  11. What an amazing set. I have never seen more than a piece or two at a time! Lucky you.

  12. What a find! Love them!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. BEAUTIFUL! And I LOVE how you used drawers from a sewing machine cabinet! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. wow Penny! I love these, and have fond memories of a few pieces we had growing up. I have a couple pieces myself, but they are hard to find, and expensive on eBay. What a great price!! And your flower arrangement is gorgeous -- just what a summer garden arrangement should be -- romantic and lovely.

  15. I have never seen this pattern and it's really special. You were lucky all around to get these. Thanks for sharing your pretty table.

  16. Another dishset perfect for your home. Such beautiful and particular.

  17. My collection started innocently enough with a little spoon stand, then piece by piece a collection was started. I have darling little baskets, ashtrays, salt and peppers, sugar and creamer set, jam jar, biscuit jar, and much more. I loved the bright colors and the contrast of the rooster and the rose. I put them in my antique mall space thinking that someone would love them and want them too, but alas, I brought them back home and put them away for another time, another house or another owner. I am happy to see that you love them too, and you got an incredible deal on the set that you acquired. Enjoy them!

  18. Hello Penny: Just wanted to tell you that because of you, on July 8th I am going to my first auction. I am so excited I hope I will be as lucky has you have been. Have a great 4th! Hugs, Martha

  19. Oh Penny, You have a lot to 'crow' about. That is a wonderful set. Love the display drawers too...what an inspiration.

  20. Hi Penny, I'm so glad to see that there was a set of these dishes out there and that you found them. I just love that you got so many pieces. My grandmother actually bought some of this pattern from , I think, it was the Jewel Tea man that would come by her house like about once a month. She bought something most times he came and, lucky me, I have them now. I love that tea pot (great find) wish that had been part of her collection, but I do have the sugar, creamer, S&P, jam jar, large plate and oil and vinegar cruets. Good memories..Happy 4th..Judy

  21. Oh, and I forgot to say, that is the prettiest bouquet. Love wildflowers and want to plant some next year. The colors are so fresh and perfect with the dishes..Judy

  22. These dishes are so cheery! Perfect for your breakfast table. Love the bouquet with the roses and wildflowers in all different colors and shapes.

  23. Oh Penny dear, you scored with such adorable and cute chicks and roos dinnerware, I love it! So fun for the summer and for all seasons cause I'm sure they make you smile just looking at them...they do me.
    Enjoy your 4th. celeb holiday!

  24. Your blog has become one of my favorites. I can not wait to see what you do next. I love the china.......and I have a thang for roosters..........LOL

  25. I think the Rooster with the roses is unusual, at least by newer standards, or is it just me. Love a big ol tea pot like this one very much.

  26. These are beautiful! I can't believe you got them for a mere $25, so lucky!!!!

  27. wow, you got a good deal I think! I haven't seen these dishes before but they're really pretty. I especially love the teapot. Thank you for sharing this at the History & Home link party. Take care, Dawn @ We Call It

  28. Your amazing! Pinned. Thanks so much for being a part of our party! Please join us tonight at 7 pm. We love having YOU!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  29. Hi Penny, you always find the most amazing this, love these and love your home :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays ...

  30. Pretty dishes. Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday! :)

  31. Oh!!! My grandmother had some of these dishes. I recently found one of the pieces in cleaning out my parents' home. I am guessing it may be a condiment server or jam server or something like that; it is like two little pots (sort of the size of sugar bowls) joined together with a handle at each end and little spoons that fit in slots in the lids. Will have to look this up. Thanks for sharing. What a wave of nostalgia it brought back!


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