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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Adding Architecture to a Plain Door

I freshened up the TV armoire yesterday,  and this morning I realized that the rest of the room could use a little refreshing too!
H had painted this vintage side table yesterday.....I bought a matching pair of them for $15 at a yard sale recently.   So,  I changed out the table that had been there for a long time with the new one.   
I put a small chair on top of the table that has a pocket made from a ceiling tile attached to the back.....perfect size for holding magazines! 
I almost forgot to get a before!   You can see the color the wood was before H painted can also see that they had a little water damage.    The Kilz primer took care of the water spots,   and a coat of Kilz paint covered nicely.   I have been using another brand of paint,  but it takes 2-3 coats over the primer.   The Kilz one coat paint is really takes only one coat!   I have not been compensated in any way by Kilz,   I just wanted to share my experience with their paint.
The end tables have beautiful marble tops.....
I cut some fresh white roses from the garden this morning and the room smells wonderful!

I also added some embellishments to the plain white door that leads to the garage.   The piece on the lower part of the door is a ceiling medallion .
The empty frame that is attached to the upper part of the door is a  piece that I purchased  at a yard sale for $10.    I just added a few touches of gold to it.....

H screwed it securely to the door,  as we are in and out of that door all day long.    Then he screwed a sweet pair of cherubs to the front of the frame.     All of the pieces are very light and should hold up well with all the traffic that goes thru that door.
I hung these chippy vintage concrete cherubs to the side of the doorway.
NOW......the other side of the room needs something done to it!    I need to replace the décor on the mantle with something new and fresh .....and yes, I still have the spring décor up!   I'll add that to my list for next week....maybe!\


  1. My favorite are the chippy concrete cherubs - so sweet.

  2. Adding those cherubs to the door was a beautiful and creative idea! I love the chippy patina and the unique style they add! Gorgeous!

  3. You're such a beautiful decorator! That end table is beautiful--love the paint job and the marble top :)

  4. I just love that window over your sofa! Beautiful room.

  5. I will keep summertime on my mantel for at least another month Since fall is always late here in West Texas and fallish colors aren't my favorite, I hang on to summer for as long as I can.
    Your room looks really nice.

  6. Our styles are so very similar! You have a beautiful home and I adore the mini chair magazine holder! So creative! The cherubs are perfect too!

  7. This room is so beautiful, so romantic!..Christine

  8. Penny,
    I have never seen one of those style tables with a marble top around here!!! If I did, I would scoop it up for sure!! Great idea putting it long ways on the side of the sofa. I would not have thought of that!! The little chair is darling!!

    OMG!! LOVE the embellishments to the door!! I have 2 ceiling medallions that I have been trying to decide what to do with and once again, you have provided me with some inspiration!!


  9. Thanks for linking up to TTF! Your house is museum quality pretty!

  10. How lovely, I adore your chippy cherubs and the ones on the door look like they were always attached to that frame!

  11. You inspired me to do some embellishing and rearranging! Happy Monday to you! :)


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