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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Vignettes for the TV Armoire

Can anything be done to make your TV look like something other than a big black hole?     If you decorate with pastel colors like I do,  that black box that we can't seem to live without can become a eyesore in the!    I gave it my best shot this morning to perk our TV up and wanted to share the results with you.
The first thing I addressed was the TV cabinet.   I thought the addition of another architectural element might help a little bit.     So with the help of H and a few screws a long plaque of love birds ($3 yard sale purchase)  was added to the top of  the TV armoire.
I cleared everything off of the top shelf and started from scratch.       
I selected pieces for the new vignettes that have a touch of fall in them........I may as well accept it.....summer is almost over!
The metal backdrop on the back wall of the armoire is a piece that I bought a month or so ago at a estate sale for $5.    I also bought some other matching metal  pieces that I plan to use somewhere else but in the same room.
I also added some touches of fall to the bottom shelf of the armoire..
I don't know if I have ever shown you a close up of the sofa that is in the family room or not.     The fabric has pale yellow stripes and bouquets of  pink roses..   The first photo is just of the fabric and the second photo shows the sheer overlay that is always on the sofa.    I liked the way my new vignette  has the same colors as the sofa.
So,  here is how the TV cabinet looked before and after.    (The after photo was taken before I added some additional flowers to the bottom!)

If you follow my blog,   you know that I found a mound of doilies at a yard sale over the week end.   That mound is not quite as big....I used 4 pretty doilies in the new vignettes.
I have thought about putting white shutters on front of the TV to cover the "black box" when it wasn't in use,   but I know it would be a waste of time as they would always be open.
 Look to the left and you can get a peek of the makeover that the door to the garage is getting!     Be back later when that project is finished!\


  1. Gosh what a difference. I want to go to your garage sales..hgehe

  2. looked pretty either way. do you have to move the stuff on the bottom shelf if you want to watch tv? lol. I never watch tv.. but my husband would be moving stuff every day, so I wouldnt be able to leave it there! darn men!
    happy day!

  3. I wish I could find amazing things like you did at garage sales. I love the architectural piece. You made a beautiful transformation!

  4. I need to start going to more garage sales! You always find the most beautiful things. I love doilies myself, and always pick them up when I find them. Gorgeous photos!

  5. You have done a beuitful job. We have this 60 inch flat screen hanging on our wall and now he wants to install his surround sound. What is it with men? I told him that the only way was if we put up molding to cover every wire. So now it's my job to plan it out, because he is determined to put it up. We don't need the expense of molding right now, but I get stressed just thinking about wires everywhere.

  6. I love the addition to the cabinet! That architectural element did a big change to the look.

  7. HOW DO YOU DO THAT! Plain..regular looking TV cabinet..pretty but nothing special..and suddenly you have this olden look to your cabinet...and it is stunning. I'm getting better though. I 'm catching on. :) Takes a bit of practice though..and continued gathering of "stuff"...which is the part I LOVE...The thrill of the find. Tomorrow morning will find us on the road.

  8. How fun to change things up some...makes the whole room feel better. :)

  9. The black box in our family room is something I dislike as well. Love how you have added pretties to help distract the attention from it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Penny,
    I adore those beautiful dishes!!! Great idea doing this. I do not have a shelf above the TV on mine so I decorate the top of it as if it was a mantle....for the fire place that i do not have!! I did try putting things on the bottom at the base of the TV but Joe said that when he was watching his beloved Hockey games, he could not see all of the rink!! Men!!

    Great idea and fantastic inspiration as always, my friend!!


  11. Thanks for linking up to TTF! Some beautiful, beautiful pieces here!

  12. Charming transformation Penny -I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  13. Your vignette is beautiful! I love the colors of all the pieces, so antique and lovely. Thank you for sharing at the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)


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