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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Early Fall Decorating

With the arrival of early fall,     I thought I would  ease into the season by adding a few touches of fall to the kitchen.
I considered replacing the heart shaped wreath on the wall with a fall one.....but of course that would be too!    
I remembered a wall piece that has been in storage for quite a while and thought maybe I should bring it out of retirement.
I actually have two of these Ethan Allen display units .....Mother and I each bought one back in the 70's.   H gave it a coat of cream paint and I think it looks wonderful in place of the heart wreath.
This vintage table came from the studio where it has been waiting to get repaired.    H repaired it,  and gave it a fresh coat of paint too.

I quickly added a few sunflowers to an existing floral design,  it was in front of the kitchen window earlier.    For another touch of fall,   I placed one of the faux fur pumpkins that I have been making by my big rooster.
I doubled the size of our kitchen table by extending one of the drop leaves.   I also positioned the chairs a little different for fun.
I moved the Roosters from under the window over to the pass thru for a little different look.....also,  gave them a much needed dusting.      In place of the roosters ,   I put a small table with a vintage drainer of dishes set on top.    Notice the new Diner sign that I got at HL the other day?.......90% off.

H took down the chalkboard that was hung between the kitchen and the small dining room for a more open look.

 He also removed the small door on the Hoosier you can see the vintage flour sifter.
It is still pretty warm here in New Mexico,  but there is a different feel to the's called fall!


  1. Where is this fall you speak of? It was 95 degrees today. I want to pull out my pumpkins and fall stuff, but I don't want to spontaneously combust when I go to retrieve them from the attic. Plus, it just feels wrong when it's so dang hot.
    I love how the display unit and little table turned out- they look like they belong together.

  2. I love your fall touches!! Your pumpkin you made is so adorable. I love your heart shaped wreath.

  3. Beautiful ... you do such a fun job of decoration. Something pretty and enjoyable to see everywhere.

  4. j'adore le coq en faîence
    très sympatiques décorations
    edith (iris) France

  5. Penny,
    I LOVE the shelf and the table and I especially love the lamp placed on the bottom shelf of the table!! That pink chandy is to die for too!!
    It is close to 90 degrees here!!!!! UGH!! Where is Fall?????? It is certainly not here in Pa,!!! I am getting ready for a Craft Fair next weekend so i will not have a chance to decorate for Fall until it is over but I can't wait to do so!!!!!


  6. It all is so beautiful. Your kitchen is such a lovely space - I actually would enjoy doing the dishes with so much eye candy to look at!

  7. Hi Penny,
    Beautiful job on the fall décor! That shelf is just the right size for that spot! Also, love that pretty table that H repainted. Lucky you! :) Catherine

  8. Your home is an explosion of romantic decors! I love the shelf and the little table with cream paint. The lamp on the bottom shelf of the table is just gorgeous

  9. What a gorgeous kitchen. Truly breathtaking to me. The touches of pink really add to it. Beautiful home you have.

  10. Penny, your touches are lovely! You have such pretty decor already; but, your seasonal/holiday touches are always so beautiful!

  11. You are so creative at composing beautiful vignettes with grace and beauty. Moving to chairs to be side by side seems romantic to me. Thank you for linking this to Make It Monday.

  12. What a lovely and romantic space. The forecast here is for snow so I'm afraid I can't feel too sorry for you with your change of weather. Thanks so much for sharing at the Make it Monday Party!

  13. I can't wait for fall, love your rooster!
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  14. Love your re-arrangement! I need to get busy and do some fall arranging, too...Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life!

  15. You definitely never cease to amaze me with your decor skills. Thanks for sharing @ TTF!

  16. Love the new tablecloth. Thanks so much for sharing with Adorned From Above's Link party.
    Have a great week.


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