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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hallway Gallery

I finally got the fall mantle done last week.....yea!......but,  I stole three mirrors from the hallway to put above the!   That left a whole lotta blank wall in the!
Since I haven't really made any changes to the hallway in a long time,  I figured now was as good a time as any to make some .     For about 3-4 years now,  I have only had white framed mirrors on the walls,  so I thought some wood tones and  a little gold (for fall) would be nice....maybe a little pink too.
I left the first two mirrors on the left where they were,    I added a architectural piece to the bottom of the first mirror and layered a smaller mirror over the front of it.     I added a pink rose vine to the top of the second mirror,   added a piece of vintage crochet to the top and  hung a oil painting below it.
Here you can see one end of the entry way reflecting in the second hall mirror.
One of my friends had given me two old doors a couple of months ago,  so I started my gallery on the right wall by hanging one of my "new" doors  where a mirror had been.     I hung a oil painting and some pieces of vintage crochet on the door. 
I left the door "as is" .....loved the chippy look.....
In the left photo you can see one of the other "holes"  that was left in the hallway.
I filled that hole with a wood piece that I had bought over the summer at a yard sale for $20
The lady I bought it from said she thought it was a piece from a piano.    You may remember the big arched window that I hung in the family that piece from the same lady.    She had a black board piece in the center that I took out and replaced it with a rose picture
Here's where all the mirrors in the hallway went......

I dug the huge picture you see reflecting in the mirror out of my closet....I had it stashed behind some clothes!
I've had it a long time and am glad to have it back out.     I hung a wreath on the front of it for some texture and a little pink color.

If you saw my auction post,  you know that I had my eye on this mirror.....well,   I got the bid and was happy to bring it home yesterday.   It reflects the mirror that is on the opposite wall.....that mirror was a $5 yard sale purchase.
I added an architectural piece to the bottom of this mirror too.    It matches the one that I showed you earlier.....I bought three of these at HL when they were 90% off.     
I added some more framed art to my gallery wall....
and a few pieces of vintage crochet.
Now the other end of the hallway looks kinda dumpy.....maybe I'll work on it next!


  1. Love your mirrors on your mantle. I can not wait to see what you do next.

  2. It is lovely, though in my home I keep mirrors only in the bathroom as I hate to be reminded that I am aging!!

  3. Penny so beautifully done, you always come up with something extraordinary. ((HUGS)) Jo

  4. Oh..Penny...i love all of your mirrors! Your home is always full of beauty and romantic style.

  5. Penny,
    Absolutely stunning!! I have noticed that stained wood and gold are "coming back" in style!! Glad I never got rid of most of mine or painted them!!
    Your hallway is full of beautiful things and the way you have arranged them and the pieces that you used in different finishes and textures has created such an appealing display!! LOVE IT!!!


  6. Wow, you have eye candy everywhere! Nice job! Thanks for sharing it with us at Make It Monday!

  7. Your home is fascinating, there's something to look at everywhere you turn, even in the hallway! Thanks so much for sharing at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  8. I love your mirrors! I have caught the mirror love but have just started with it so it will be awhile before I will have a collection.

  9. Mirrors are one of my weaknesses and yours are wonderful, Penny! You have such great collections of everything. I don't have and unth of what you have and I'm still always changing things...I'm even worse since I've found you! LOL
    big hugs for all you share with us.

  10. Love the creativity of some the items you have used in your hallway. I have mirrors hanging over my fireplace, in my hallway, and in my bedroom. Can never have to many.

  11. What a fun hallway! I like the addition of the doors, very neat! Thank you for sharing this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays Penny :)

  12. You really have a gorgeous collection of mirrors Penny. The changes in the hall way are nice. I enjoy change now and then. The chippy door is my fav! I have an old architectural piece hanging above the entry to our living room. It too came from a piano. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Beautiful Penny! Love your gallery, so many great finds and creative ways to display them!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  14. I love hallway galleries...and yours is special. Thanks so much for sharing at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday link party this week!


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