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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Decorating the Yard for Halloween

I started my Halloween  decorating by placing some pumpkins around the columns that are at the front of the porch.       Aren't the new colors and shapes of the pumpkins so  pretty for fall decorating?  
I thought some vintage tricycles might be fun for the little trick or treaters to ride.....
I tied big bundles of dried sunflower stalks to the columns.....
I have some creepy black gauzey material draped around the chandys....
Some bumpy pumpkins and fall flower pots add to the mood....
Enter if you dare....
Come on up to the porch.....
Ring the door bell.......
Don't be scared....the spiders seldom bite....
I hope the witch that will be handing out candy won't be toooooo scary.....
Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


  1. Penny, You really out did yourself! It looks so spooky, yet elegant.
    I love that sign "dare to enter".. love the wreath and huge spiders..
    Oh, and just got caught up on your last post your spare bedroom certainly looks cozy great job!

  2. Your decors are amazing! I love the elegance of each decor and all look such gorgeous

  3. Wooow! OYour decors is amazing!! Your yard looks gorgeous. Its so elegant! Kisses from Barcelona (Spain)

  4. Drop dead gorgeous! If I could give you a standing ovation over the internet....I would! Bravo! Love it Penny...

  5. Hi Penny! What a fun and beautiful Halloween display! Love the creepy cloth on the chandelier, and the whole vingnette of pumpkins and dried sunflowers. Wonderful! Would love to trick-or-treat at your house! Catherine

  6. As always I have to enlarge every single photo and drink it all in. I don't want to miss a thing1 :) How I love interesting and beautifully decorated homes. LOTS of interest...I love that! Mona

  7. WOW!!! I want to trick or treat at your house. These decorations are so perfect!

  8. This would delight any child! Or adult, for that matter. I love the sunflower stalks on the columns. Thank you for sharing your decorations on Make It Monday.

  9. So fun Penny! I do love all of the unusual pumpkins that are available now days. The sunflowers on the columns is cute for a change instead of cornstalks! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Penny,
    Great job!! LOVE the black cloth drapes!! And the sunflower stalks are amazing!!!


  11. Ooooohhhhh! Penny, you did an awesome job! Wow! The dried sunflower stalks look really cool! At first I thought they were something with bees all over them (perfectly and appropriately spooky for Halloween!), but when I realized they were sunflowers I got really excited. What a great idea!!!

    You found some magnificent pumpkins! The warts make some of them look like witch cheeks. I won't say which "cheeks"!!! :-) :-) :-)

    This is a terrific balance of spooky and spectacular!

  12. Hi Penny I have missed your posts! Thanks so much for linking up! I'd love it if you would join my Pinterest Party Board I am using it instead of my weekly linky to grab features from. Delete the url after you get it. Here' how to join Love those sunflower stalks!!


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