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Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Tree

I decorated a small Halloween tree today and added some "spooky stuff" to the existing fall decor in the entryway.  
I wanted to use the new owl that I bought the other day....that's him on the right side of the photo.   He is the biggest owl that I have seen so far...and I think one of the prettiest too 
He is pretty life like at about 15" tall.
The left was the existing fall decor............................               the right is the addition of some Halloween 
I added a small fall tree to the existing vignette......
Hung some acorn ornaments on it....
tucked some roses around in the branches....added a cute witch bear.....
Dollar Store breath....
I couldn't find any of my lights for the tree....does that ever happen to anyone else?.
I bought this vintage Avon owl at an estate sale the other day for a couple of dollars,  so I added him to my vignette..
Only a few weeks til Halloween....then Thanksgiving.....then Christmas......where did this year go????


  1. Darling ! Your Halloween decor is perfect. I have been going with owls and ravens also. If ravens are anything like crows,I would most likely think they were funny,I get a kick out of crows.

  2. Sorry, Penny, but that is too pretty to be spooky! lol You have so much fun putting things together that it makes it fun for me to come see it all. xo Diana

  3. Love your interpretation of Spooky Halloween. As beautiful as ever! Happy Halloween!

  4. Your halloween tree is adorable and spooky at the same time. You are the queen of decors!!

  5. I love your owls. I love that you used the white feather tree for a Halloween tree. Darling.

  6. Penny,
    Love those owls!! Can't seem to find any around here...... And I love the acorn ornaments!! I see you are going a bit more creepy in your decor this year!! LOL!! I do have some glitzy Acorns and gold owls picked out at big Lots but I am waiting for them to go half price.....


  7. Love owls, and all the pink! Have a great weekend!

  8. What a amazing idea! Pinned. Lou Lou Girls

  9. Hi Penny, that new owl is fabulous! I love the mercury glass acorn and the Avon owl is a fun find! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Yes, time is flying by so fast!!


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