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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Greenhouse

This is the first Christmas we've had our greenhouse and I couldn't resist decorating it for the holidays.    I started my decorating with fresh pine wreaths for the doors and a swag on the front eave,   The greeens started drying out pretty quick with our warm 70+ days,  so I switched over to artificial for the porch posts.

We also added some all know how much I love lights.   

 I didn't get a photo of the potted trees that are on each end of the porch.   Cute story about those trees.....H found them in our dumpster one day when he took out the trash....we share a dumpster with our three neighbors.   Is it dumpster diving if it comes out of your shared!   Anyway,  the pots were orange with the original green paint showing thru where the orange had peeled off.    H quickly fixed that with some pink spray paint.  The trees were prelit and all of the lights worked....our neighbors toss out some pretty good stuff...

  I have a "one horse open sleigh" in the front of the greenhouse porch....
My sweet white horse has a Christmas wreath on her saddle

I have some soft pink plaid blankets handy in case we get cold sitting in front of the greenhouse in the evening

I am already dreaming about playing in the greenhouse this spring....

We enjoyed the plants so much last summer....

But for now.......I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love it, Penny!!
    Our temps are in the 20's with about 2-3 inches of fresh snow on the ground since yesterday and ice on the roads!!!!


  2. Oh-it is as pretty in winter as it is in summer. Love it- xo Diana

  3. Hi Penny!!!

    It is absolutely beautiful!!! When the lights are on it looks like a magical castle...LOVE IT!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. How lovely to look out and see your greenhouse all lit up. SO pretty. (I definitely NEED more lights! :) I have to laugh when I think of what my husbands reaction would be to doing that much decorating. I and your spouse are perfectly matched! How lucky you are that he enjoys helping you in your passion for decorating! S'wonderful!! Am I just a bit jealous? Heavens, NO! I'm a LOT jealous!!! :) :)

  5. Pennyyyy!!!! I'm dreaming again with your pictures and decors! The greenhouse is fantastic in Christmas style. The last photo is amazing.

  6. Breathing taking decorations. You are very talented and have excellent taste.

  7. love these photos so festive and colorful! thanks for sharing this at my last party! My next party will be next Friday
    Hugs Maria Happy New Year!


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