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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Window Treatment in the Kitchen

Our first project for 2015 is to make a few changes in the kitchen.  

  It has been 7 years since the cabinets were painted and they have some chips and rubbed spots.    I have never tired of my white cabinets so  they will  get a fresh coat of paint....same color as they are now.

I had bought this stained glass piece back in the summer and thought it would be perfect for the sun room.    Changed my mind....surprise to no one that knows me.  lol.....and decided to use it in the kitchen.     H gave it a fresh coat of paint....Behr,  Powdered Blush....eggshell finish.    

The doors were put back on the Hoosier and I hung a box wood wreath on the front of the doors..  

 The stained glass piece that was hanging in the window went back to the guest bedroom window where it was before.

      I took everything off  of the vintage ladder in the corner and  started fresh.

 I added pink shutters to the bottom of the window to give it a more finished look.   They were a dark brown before H gave them a coat of Powdered Blush....but I forgot to get a before photo.
I also replaced the floral swag above the window with one that is a little larger.

I hung bundles of dried roses on the ladder steps,   tied lace and fabric bows to the bundles,  tucked some silk greenery around,  and added a bird nest.   I also filled some mason jars with dried roses and tied the jars to the left side of the have to look close at the top part of the ladder to see them.

I found these cute blackboard tags at Michaels the other day,  so I hung a few of those on the rose bundles..   

Where did all those dried roses come from?     I always shop at home first!   I decided to give the kitchen window a new look,  so I took down the dried rose "valance" and hung all of that on the ladder.

We have snow .....cold.....miserable weather here in New Mexico today,  as you can see out the window.

We are ready to move on to the next kitchen project now.       Want a little hint?   Look to the left of the Hoosier at the drawers in the floor.......see you soon!


  1. How beautiful your window treatment is! I love dried roses too. Is any of that lace handmade I wonder? Such a romantic result. Well done.

  2. Your house always amazes me. Love the changes you made in the kitchen. And . . . the stained glass window is spectacular in the soft color.

  3. I keep forgetting to ask about your sweet nativity stable on your December 7 post. Have you had this a long time, or recently acquired? In other words, do you know how I might obtain one?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Ellie, The nativity stable came in a "bundle" of boxes that I got at the auction. I wish I could tell you where I might have seen on that is similar, but I haven't seen one....sorry. Happy New Year...hugs...

  4. I LOVE that new window. Where did you put the old one with the girl on it! I loved it as well!!

    1. Hi Rose, I put it back in the window of the guest bedroom....that's where I took it from, so it's back "home"....hugs...

  5. Penny,
    I love the new look of the window especially the shutters on the bottom. They really finish it off and I love the color of them. I have always admired your hoosier. Everything looks so pretty!!
    I always look forward to your posts and I am looking forward to seeing what other changes that you have up your sleeve.....

  6. I adore the changes you made in the kitchen. The dried roses are just gorgeous. I 'm curious to see the next changes.

  7. Penny, I love the fresh changes. Very nice!!

  8. So nice Penny, and I love the runner on your Hoosier! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  9. You bring such a lovely touch of femininity back into the home. I love the cabinets back on the door and the window box is gorgeous. Just beautiful! God bless.


  10. A makeover is always the best way to welcome the new year. And I must say, your kitchen definitely got a well-deserved update. It looks refreshing! The color and decorations just complement each other, particularly the window treatment. It completes the homey effect of your kitchen. Great job!

    Bob Ward @ Allure Window Treatments


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