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Friday, January 9, 2015

Themed Bottle Brush Christmas Tree

When I saw that HL had marked their Christmas decor 90% off,   I figured I better go over and take a look.    They still had a lot of the higher dollar ornaments left ($10-12)  so I looked thru them.    I thought these would make a cute themed bottle brush tree.....What a Diva dose all!    Blog,  play word games,   surf the internet.....
Scrapbook,  shop for shoes....
I found a new nutcracker at Pier One last week,  but I didn't think one item would make a very good post.   (I didn't do much after Christmas shopping)    What you see in the picture is all I bought at the sales,  except for a few greenery branches that I have already packed away.

My bill was about  $15....saved $95!

Here is the nutcracker that I bought at Pier One last year and the theme tree that I made to go with her for 2014 Christmas..

I plan to make a much taller themed tree with the new ornaments to go with my new nutcracker for the 2015 Christmas season.


  1. Penny,
    Love the new ornaments and nutcracker. I had cased out Pier One but was waiting for 75% off and when I did go back, they were almost sold out so I ended up with nothing!! I will finally start to take down Christmas tomorrow. It is in the single digits here and too cold to go up in the attic......

  2. Hobby Lobby is a great place to shop for goodies like this. You did a super job on your purchases.

  3. You just gotta love Hobby Lobby. It is one of those stores where I always leave something. And, their markdowns are awesome. You found some great ornaments. I look forward to seeing your creation for next Christmas.

    Happy Pink Saturday. ♥♥♥ Your poodle collection.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing your next decorations!

  5. All so beautiful and cheerful. xo Catherine

  6. I love the tree in the lamb planter, and what great finds at HL! Wishing you all the best in the new year! Laura from

  7. I love Christmas almost as much as I love your home! :) The cutest decorations!!

  8. Our Hobby Lobby was 50% off last week, need to check again. The ornaments are so pretty.

  9. I only found a few ornaments at 90% off, but they are pink and perfect for my white, pink and Paris tree! Love your poodle collection!


  10. I just love HOBBY LOBBY!!! I should probably go today and see what I can find... Hope that there is still stuff left...

  11. I am going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow. Can't wait. You got some get things for next year. Blessings, Martha

  12. That's awesome. I love all the colors. Timeless and gorgeous :)


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