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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How to Hang Decorative Bowls on the Wall

I have hung decorative plates on the wall many times,  but I had never tried to hang any of my large vintage serving bowls.   I Googled   "bowl hangers" and couldn't find anything that looked like what I envisioned.

If I can dream it.....H can make it!     So,  he custom made me some hangers that I want to show you in case you ever want to hang some large bowls.

First,  I want to start by saying ....don't hang your Grandmothers favorite bowl that she gave you on the wall.    Put it in a glass cupboard where you can enjoy seeing it....but where it will be safe!    Check out estate sales,  auctions,  or yard sales for bowls with imperfections.    The one I am showing you has a crack at the top,  so if  for any reason it should fall of the wall,  I won't want to cry!

I bought large plate hangers at Hobby Lobby,  Walmart has them as well,  but you have to buy a pack of three assorted sizes and you need to use a large one.    When you attach it to the bowl,  you will see that the hanger part is well above the bottom rim of the bowl.   If you try to hang it from that hanger,  your bowl will jut out from your wall and look funny.   The bowl must lay flat,  so attach some strong wire between the stretchy part of the plate hanger.   See how my wire is right at the rim at the bottom of the bowl.

  See how that makes my bowl lay flat against the wall.    If you try to use just the original hanger without the add on wire,  your bowl will jut out at the bottom and not lay flat.

The photo on the left shows the three ironstone platters that I had hung over the sink for several years.    I love the new look you can see in the photo on the right.

I have went almost completely around the kitchen hanging bowls.....

In the photo on the left you can see I just had a long picture hung over the stove and the rest of the wall was blank.

Now I can enjoy my bowl collection as I am slaving away in the kitchen.   Several of you ask if I ever cook in the kitchen,  YES...YES...YES......

I continued the look by hanging small plates over the window 

I hope my lame attempt at a tutorial was of some help if you were thinking about hanging a bowl on the wall....hugs....


  1. That is a great idea! You would think that someone would have marketed that already.....hey, you want a new career?? I am sure others will be interested in that method also! Good job!

  2. Tada! Looks wonderful and thank you for the great hanging tip! I will have to try it someday! Have a good night. Leticia

  3. I absolutely DO have a few berry bowls I would love to hand and don't use. This was a terrific tip on how to do it. I'm going to do that very thing as soon as I get some extra large plate hangers. Thank you. Tessa Your kitchen is adorable. I love the valance over your kitchen window too. Cute. One of my favortite materials.

  4. Penny,
    Thanks for the tutorial!! Love how all the beautiful bowls and dishes look!! So pretty!!


  5. Thanks for the tip penny! I do have some plates I would like to hang, but I'm waiting to move to the next house to do that. I also wanted to say you have such a beautiful home! My mom would've loved it too!

  6. Penny, great way to display your beautiful collection. I hung a bowl on the wall once and can't remember what I did. lol! Great tip! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  7. I love this way to display your wonderful plates. Your home is always rich of treasures

  8. Yeah the old style plate hangers don't work too well for different items. Hobby Lobby has some different ones that are like a round circle rubber mat with a ring to hang. You glue them on back of your plate, bowl (there are 2 sizes) so you can put the hanger where you need it to hang. They are quite inexpensive with coupon, I prefer these over the wire ones anytime. Just be very sure to activate the glue on back of hanger correctly as instructions indicate. Don't hurry to hang so glue has good chance to adhere to what you're hanging.
    Your tip was great Penny, very helpful. Thanks for that if somebody has the wire hanger and wants to hang something right away.
    Love your huge kitchen. Thought idea of putting fabric on back of cabinet doors was really pretty. I'd like to take middle out of my doors but it's so darned dirty/dusty where we live I'd need to have glass in middle or something dirt can't penetrate. Have always loved look of kitchens with upper shelves instead of cabinets. You have lots of cabinets in your big kitchen and love your island as well as all your gorgeous plates on walls. That fabric you used on cabinet doors and as your valance over kitchen window is so pretty. Happy Valentine

  9. Ii love your kitchen....beautiful touches everywhere

  10. I love the idea of hanging bowls for that added vintage touch. We have a vintage inspired kitchen, so I love getting ideas from others. Thanks for sharing!

  11. great tutorial. I have several bowls that I want to hang and wasn't sure if I should try it this way...thanks :)

  12. Great idea and tutorial. Your Kitchen is just beautiful

  13. Your hanging plates and bowls are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these ideas on the Art of Home-Making Mondays Penny! :)


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