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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Make Dust Jackets for Your Vintage Books

I love to decorate with vintage books,  and the bigger the!    Sometimes the cover on an older book is damaged or just plain boring,    so I decided to cover a few of mine with a pretty dust cover.

The vintage book that I am making a dust cover for today is a Dictionary that is about  5" thick   ( Putting a dust cover on your books will really help to keep them clean and prolong their life.)
I made my dust cover from some left over wallpaper.    I used the pattern that I remembered from covering my books in school,  but there are lots of good tutorials on the internet that you could also use.
  Anyone remember back in the day   .....the teacher would hand out pre-made covers to put on your would fold on the dotted lines.... use scotch tape to hold it all together.....write your name on the cover.....doodle your boyfriends name.....
I found this pretty package of goodies at HL.     The roses, butterflies, heart, and tag are all on sticky tape and can be placed wherever you want them......these pieces give  the book cover a 3D look.     All the Paper Studio is half price this week,  so it was only $1.25.  
 I sprayed the back of my paper with glue and carefully laid it on the top of my pink striped book cover.

I displayed my new book on the serving station that H made from a broken head/foot board

I added a few more pink accessories to the vignette.....

This is my Jim Shore Easter basket that you may remember from a "bundle" that I bought at the auction last summer.

I did a post yesterday showing you the sideboard after H completed it.     I have now Pennyfied it with some pink.....ahhhhh....much better!


  1. Those are cute, Penny. I haven't made book covers in a long time but I love the way they look. xo Diana

  2. You are a great artist, Penny! Your books are such beautiful with your romantic decors.

  3. I love your new serving station and that book cover is wonderful!

  4. I knew you couldn't wait to get your hands on that buffet to decorate it! Ha! I'm so that way too! Adorable!

  5. My goodness, but you have a jump on the season. I look forward to the changes! And YES, I do remember the Jim Shore basket, of course who could forget your giant Easter Bunny couple that you found at the garage sale. When IS Easter, by the way?? I need to dig out my calendar. My Valentines are all stacked on the dining room table ready to go back in their crates..why? Probably because I've been lazy. You sideboard is so unique and you two take something and make the most charming things from them. Not everyone can do such things or see them as they COULD be. Someone else would have just seen a broken bedstead. I love it...I really do!

  6. Covering the book for Easte is really a cute idea Penny. Love it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. Yes I remember covering our schoolbooks, but they never looked this cute! Penny your home exudes such sweet romance, I adore the repurposed sideboard that is right up my alley!

  8. Hello, This is a very cute idea! I will have to try it as I have some scrapbooking items and pretty paper! I do love pink and i have my craft room decorated in the pastel colors! Very lovely...
    Blessings, Roxy

  9. Penny,
    I love how you decorated this amazing piece of re-purposed furniture!!

    I am truly smitten with what H. Made and you made it look all the more beautiful with such a pretty display!!

    I love what you did with those lamps.... Giving me some ideas......

    Yes, I am envious of your great weather. I would just love to see temps. in the 40's!!!


  10. Love this idea! Thanks for linking up at Motivation Monday!

  11. Such a adorable idea and also a great way to protect your treasured books. Love it!

  12. Pennifying it is the magic! What a before and after. Looks like a magazine. I love your idea on the book covers. Now I have to get going! So many projects - so little time!


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