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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Easter Tree

I have a table top Easter tree that I like to put out every year.    I put the tree in a different room each year so it will feel new,  I leave the bunnies n the same place each year,  but I usually change out some of the bows and flowers to freshen it up a little..

This year my little Easter tree has found a home in the formal living/dining room

I set my Easter tree on a small table that is at the end of the dining room table         I am doing the the formal living/dining room in lavender and pastel colors.

This arched window separates the family room from the living room.   On the left is the living room side and on the right is the family room side of the divider wall.     The frame on the family room side is painted white,  but we left the dining room side the original wood color because I have quite a few wood pieces in the living/dining room.

In 2013,  our little Easter tree was in the hall way across from my milk glass collection.....

In 2014,   the Easter tree was in the family room.

  Can you believe Easter is only 3 weeks away!


  1. Hello Penny! Your milk glass collection is beautiful! Where did you get the display cabinet that it is sitting in? Thank you!

  2. Your Easter tree is fantstic, very romantic nad just gorgeous.

  3. Your Easter tree is beautiful. I'm hoping that soon it will warm up enough here so that I can go out and get a budding branch to make our Easter tree.

  4. I've never seen such beautiful floral arrangements and bunny figurines. Everything is just lovely. Even your Easter tree is unique. Those cabinets are so unusual..I call your home The Fantasy Home. Gorgeous! It takes imagination to create such a look. Even to find such things to decorate with, at least here, is impossible. I know, because I search. :)
    You have to always be on your game to find decor like that. How you would ever be impressed with someone elses home when you have all you have is beyond me. I LOVE coming here just to dream.

  5. Penny, I LOVE all your fab spring and Easter décor. I'm so inspired to get mine out now. Thank you for linking up again to our Something to Talk About Link Party and I'll be sharing all day and throughout the week on Social Media too. Have a great week, Lisa at Concord Cottage

  6. I hope my comment came through- but I don't see it- Anyway- Fun post-as always, Penny- xo Diana

  7. That's a very cute tree. I think it's great that you can re-use it each year and give it a little different feel by changing a few pieces on it.

  8. Penny,
    You know how much I love that Easter tree!!! Stunning!! And I also have been admiring that window divider!! Beautiful!!
    You are on a roll, girl, with Easter!!
    You are inspiring me!!
    I managed to take down all the Winter decor in the house including the SnowBuddies in the Powder Room. That room is now back to normal.
    So I am thinking about doing some decorating for Easter now........



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