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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Organizing the Kitchen Cabinets with Totes

Another section of the kitchen cabinets is finished....whew....what a job!    It was a real challenge to come up with an idea to make the canned good/misc.area look!

Everything was just thrown on the shelves willy rhyme or reason.     

I went to the Dollar Tree to see what kind of inexpensive totes they had to maybe get some organization on these shelves.      I found some pretty sturdy totes to put items alike together.   I put all my pasta in one tote....all the beans and rice in another one....Jello......sea food  (tuna, salmon, smoked oysters etc) and then I put baking needs in a tote.    When I get ready to bake,  all I have to do is set the baking tote on the island and everything will be right there.

I've done each section to co ordinate but not match the other sections.   

In this section I used the same pink and white paper on the inside of the doors that I have used to line the shelves on all the other sections.     I did that on four doors and used the same pink chalk paint on the fifth door that I used on the doors in the last section.      

I have been amazed at how much space I have in these cabinets now that everything is organized.

The cabinets with the doors open are finished........the closed doors....not a pretty!

H is planning to paint the inside of some of the lower cabinets next week.   Those cabinets hold mostly pots and pans.    I haven't decided what to do with the lower corner cabinets as they have big turntables that would prevent you from painting the inside walls.    Hmmmmmm......


  1. I love to reorganize my kitchen. I am a "basket" girl and love to find uses for baskets in my kitchen. I adore the pink chalk paint!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  2. Ooooh... I am loving this kitchen reveal. Everything is SO cute. And your organizational skills are very impressive. Those dollar store totes are wonderful. Love the chalk paint.

  3. That is a cute solution, Penny. It is organized beautifully...and I can't believe you found those totes at the $ store. xo Diana

  4. Oh Penny, you are so inspiring! The can goods look great! Leticia

  5. Everything looks amazing and just beautiful. It will be fun now when you go into a cabinet for something. Love that

  6. Penny!!

    Loving all of it!! Love those totes!! The number of your cabinets just amazes me as I have very few. I actually do not keep canned goods in my Kitchen. When my Dad converted our patio into the Den, I had him build me a pantry closet . It was the best thing i ever did because that is where we keep all the canned food and dry goods...... I will have to show it show time but first I will have to pretty it up!!
    Yes, I am crafting again and for myself which I am enjoying.

    Thanks for dropping by!!


  7. Your kitchen is gorgeous! The cabinets caught my eyes...they are wonderful!

  8. Hi Penny! What a lovely 'girlie' kitchen! I love the white cabinets/appliances. I never got into the stainless steel appliances. Thanks for the many ideas!

  9. I love the burner covers! What a cute idea! I shared your post with my mother and aunt who just LOVE pink. I'm sure they will hop over here soon. LOL

  10. Well, Penny, you've finally done it! Now I am all unhappy and dissatisfied with my ENTIRE kitchen...yes. my ENTIRE kitchen! I need more pull out shelves..I want lace over the opening to the family room, I want a new kitchen rug..I want a pantry built so I can use my beautiful etched glass pantry door. I want, I want, I WANT! LOL ALL your fault Penny! :) :) :) Your kitchen is a work of art!! By the way, your husband for sale??
    Hugs! :)

  11. How fun that you found pink totes to match your kitchen decor!

    Crafty Journal

  12. Wonderful! I love the new look of your organized kitchen! And I really like the pink & withe palette in all your room! Lovely!

  13. Esas canastas le dan un orden a todo, en la cocina se ven muy bien.
    El color rosa de los estantes me fascina , te deseo un Feliz finde

  14. El orden es fundamental y lo has conseguido con estas cestas organizadoras, buen trabajo Penny!!

  15. What a pretty kitchen! The totes are a great idea :)

  16. Looks great & is functional too! I love the pink chalk paint. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty :)

  17. What a NEAT idea! i just come here for the beautiful of it, and it's always so heart-filling and happy-making.

    We're shopping for kitchen cabinets right now, and if I could find Fifties pink formica, I'd be SO THERE. I DO have my eye on some pink-veined marble for the countertops.


  18. The paper lined and pink chalkboards cabinets are making me swoon.....just adorable!

  19. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do This weekend? I hope you will join us again this Monday morning :)

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