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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Making Garden Scarecrows

We have had some gorgeous spring days here in Eastern New Mexico.    The snowball bushes are in full bloom....has anyone every tried to dry snow balls....hmmmm...maybe I should try it!

We have a large deck right off the east side of the sunroom.   H built a faux fireplace back in 2013.    If you would like to see how he did here....

I bet you thought this post was about making Garden patient with!
  Later that year, we wanted a little more privacy when we were on the deck so we made a privacy fence....clothes line with white sheet hung on here to see that post.......

Well,  after almost two years out in the weather the sheets were still in pretty good shape but needed to be replaced.    I thought it might be fun to put some Garden scarecrows in their place.    I haven't finished the project yet,  but I though I would give you a sneak peek.....

I dug through our closets and found some clothes that we no longer wear and have started making the scarecrows.   I picked up some garden gloves at the Dollar Tree,  but they still need hats and other accessories....

I am going to attempt to make a "mobile" scare crow to move around the yard in this worn out wicker chair.    Wish me luck!

Here is the other snow ball bush that is blooming in the back yard.
Thank you so much for stopping by.....


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Vous avez des idées très astucieuses... Merci pour le partage de vos magnifiques photos.

    ❀ ♡ Gros bisous ♡ ❀

  2. What an adorable idea! I have a scarecrow that I put out during the fall but I love the idea of having them out all year long!

  3. Love the idea of your garden scarecrows Penny. Thank you for always coming to party every week!:)

  4. Such a fun idea... the pink shirt scarecrow will be fun, :)

  5. Cute idea, Penny. You will have the "prettiest" scarecrows anyone has ever seen...although I don't think they will be SCARY enough to scare off the crows! xo Diana

  6. Hi Penny Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I am coming over from the Creative Exchange link party. bonbon

  7. Love! Love! It! Now you are inspiring me. To make a couple for our vege garden and out by the coop! Thanks!Cindy

  8. So lovely idea! You always inspire me with your beautiful decors and pictures

  9. Such a beautiful outdoor space, I love your scarecrow idea, how fun!

  10. I know that your scarecrows will be fun Penny! I have one that I made out of chicken wire years ago. Need to get her a new dress and back out into the garden. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. Love it Penny! oxoxox thanks so much fro linking my friend !

  12. Penny,
    So sweet! I will be playing catch up so you will see me dropping by several of your recent posts.......We actually got rid of the blue wicker chair that i pulled from the side of the road a few years ago as it fell apart after the Winter....


  13. Hi Penny- this is so cute! Thanks for sharing at Friday Favorites! Hope to see you again later this week! laura

  14. Gorgeous Penny! Thank you for joining HSH!

  15. Such a cute idea, Penny!
    Happy scarecrow making!!!
    Barb :)
    @French Ethereal


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