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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pink Three Wheeled Bicycle

We found this three wheeled bicycle about 4 years ago....bought her at a little antique shop in the Dallas Texas area.

She was blue when we bought her but H painted her pink the other day.   

I decorated her in a tutu theme for you see her over in the swing?   Only 6 more days of school,  then she can play in the backyard every day.....

She is giving her vintage baby a ride in the back basket.....

I had this white wrought iron screen in the front yard by the cottage trailer.   We just freshened up the area around the trailer and the screen found a new home in the back yard.   

Kyleigh is still swinging and the cats are bugging me to get them some food....they eat about this time every evening.   

I hung some mirrors on the screen.....I think a mirrors add so much whimsy to the garden

I had a bench in this area last year..........                  ...I really like the new bike there this summer

I included some of H's vintage trikes with the three wheeler.....

I filled the front basket with white and pink geraniums and  H hung two chandys from the tree.  

 We have had plenty of rain the last couple of weeks and the grass is such a pretty deep green.

We usually keep the tree limbs trimmed up higher but we are trying something different this year.....  hope we don't hit our head on them!


  1. Love, love, love your beautiful garden vignette! Such a welcoming entrance! Great find! Blessings, Cindy

  2. This is such a beautiful outdoor space. I love the addition of the mirror, I never think to add a mirror outside. This is such a magical space, and it seems so welcoming!

  3. OH, your bike is just fantastic! I think the pink is so pretty on her. Love it all!!!

  4. What a sweet and charming looking bike, I love it! Crazy about all of your pretty decor, love the frills, the pinks and goodness, your entire place is just delightful!

  5. Penny,
    I will say it again....AMAZING!!

    I can't believe all the space and different places you ave in which to play..... you are so lucky!!

    Love this whole sweet vignette. Now I have to ask you what do you do with everything when it rains? Do you leave it outside or take certain things in?


  6. Love that bike! Your entire back yard is a fairy land, wish I could be there!


  7. I just love the way you change up your garden decorating, you have such great and lovely idea's!!

  8. You are definitely the QUEEN of foo foo decor! Love the bike!

  9. The chandys are wonderful idea hanging in the tree and the bikes awesome!! Aww I spotted the kitties too :)

  10. This is all so beautiful! Thanks for linking up! What a transformation on the bike!

  11. Everytime you amaze me with your such beautiful transformations. The bike is stunning. I love how you displayed every single thing. I adore the chandys.

  12. I love love love (love a million times) your home. Oh, where is this place? So beautiful and I love what you did with the bike for the precious little girl!! Thanks for linking up with us at Home Matters Linky Party. We hope you join us again!!

  13. I just love all of your outdoor decor and space! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Merry Monday!


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