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Monday, May 18, 2015

Shabby Slip Covers

The slip covers on our furniture in the family room were really starting to get thin and showed lots of signs of wear.   They also were kinda!     I always make my slip covers from yard sale sheets, bedspreads,  and fabric,  so I can change them out pretty often without spending a lot of money.    Total cost for my new covers was less than $10.  

This sofa gets lots of use and so does the ottoman.    I always keep the ottoman covered with a sheet....easy to throw in the laundry.    The only problem  I am having is that Kyleigh likes to lay on her stomach and ride the ottoman around the room like a car,  and the sheet rolls  under the!

My new covers are on the left......and the old ones are on the right.  

  When I made the previous clip cover   I had just found a pretty pink chenille bedspread at a yard sale.   It was pretty thin when I bought it  but it has lasted a couple of years.

The chair on the right is headed to the tea room,  but I have a yard sale chair in the garage that I can paint green and cover with a fabric similar to what I used on the sofa.

The pink and white striped fabric is a king size sheet and the floral cushion covers are made from a twin size sheet set.

I think the new sofa slip covers  coordinates better with the fireplace.

Well,  now I need to do the love seat.....maybe tomorrow!


  1. The fabric designs are pretty.... and that mirror is lovely! :)

  2. Love the fabric you've used as slip covers, so pretty!

  3. Just so pretty! I never see sheets like these. I love the pink floral print sheets. Everything looks beautiful!

  4. So pretty, I love that you use so many different things to make the covers, they are unique and beautiful!!!

  5. gorgeous! Need you to do mine!

  6. I don't have slip covers, but I should. Yours turned out so cute, Penny! That material is adorable. Are you really and truly going to part with that sweet chair? :) Yes, the couch does go with the fireplace perfectly! :)

  7. Hi Penny,
    what a pretty living room!
    Greetings from Italy,
    Have a nice week,
    La Sportina

  8. You do such a beautiful job with old sheets, Lovely room!

  9. Penny,
    I always love what you do and use in covering your chairs and sofas!! The fabric is spectacular!! Love the pattern and the colors!!

  10. These fabrics are so pretty and lovely!!!

  11. Like it a lot great job! Less busy than the old one! Like the idea of the bed sheets! Beautiful !

  12. Wow! Your home is so beautiful. It looks like a very comforting place to live. I'm here from the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

  13. So pretty! I amazed that you find all those beautiful sheets at yard sales!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Something to Talk About :)

  14. It came out lovely Penny! I love the look of the fabrics you chose! Thank you for sharing this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)

  15. Penny, you really have a knack of mixing prints and textures. Really cute! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. Penny,

    I so love dropping into your enchanted, fairy-tale home! You are an absolute wizard with laces and florals and crochet, and that will-I-won;t-I I'vw been having with the pretty bridge cloth I've been debating putting on the immense DARK oval coffee table in my otherwise light, airy living room---I'm gonna do it. It's so sot in its ways, with no wheels, so I don't think it will be a problem.

    I think often of your absolutely marvelous kitchen, and am working on a bit of PINK on my own---Sweet 'n' Low packet Pink I told my painter, and she captured it perfectly. And I've ordered the drawer liners and little silk-embroidered curtains and several pink utensils. Lots of work still to do, no plumbing and no countertops yet, but you give me hope. Always uplifting to drop in on you.

    says rachel, who is about to undertake cooking on plywood panels, with house-guests coming on June 5 for a week. Oh. My. I'll come by every night for comfort and inspiration.

  17. You are so creative! I just love the mix of fabrics and patterns!

  18. Oh my goodness - I just want to come sit in that room and drink tea! So pretty! Thanks for sharing at Talented Tuesday!


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