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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Neighborhood Yard Sales

There were several neighborhood yard sales in Amarillo Texas Saturday,  so we took the short trip over...about an hour and a half drive.   The biggest neighborhood sale was in Rolling Hills and 23 homes participated.

One house had a big barn full of stuff.   He said that he bought abandoned storage sheds and sold the contents in yard sales.   He had recently bought one that had lots of craft items.....old lace, fabric and knick knacks....

Lots of the homes had vintage items.....

Can you see the little purse the larger doll has on her arm?

   The fabric on the left is a set of twin sheets and the striped fabric is a large piece....about 4 yards.

These seat cushions aren't really in my colors but I couldn't pass up ME......$4 for both cushions.

I snapped a few photos of some of the gorgeous flower beds we saw as we hunted for treasures.....

I have never been a big fan of Knock out Roses because the flowers are not really very pretty. (to me)   But when I saw them planted in mass,  I think I have changed my mind.   I also was reading on them that you don't have to dead head and they bloom all summer.  May have to get me some!

Loved the boy reading a book statue on this porch.
This home was HUGE and it had flower beds all the way around it.     I put the photos in a row that takes you all the way around the house in the photo below.   My photo really doesn't o this yard justice!

This home sits on a corner lot and I started at the left with a photo of the flower beds that are next to the house next door and ended with the photo of the beds that are at the end of the alley

I always save the best for!    I picked up this gorgeous mirror for $10.....I couldn't believe the price!    Hope you had as much luck as we did on the sales Saturday!


  1. Hi Penny,
    What gorgeous finds! Your are a great treasure hunter! I can see your pretty pink coffee maker in the background and have never seen one before.How I would love a pink coffee maker. Did your hubby paint it? What beautiful homes! Love your final pic of the mirror and all of your amazing white furniture and pink accents! Just my taste! I must go treasure hunting today now! Happy Weekend! Karen

  2. WOW your really found some wonderful treasures on your quest. The homes are so very lovely and the gardens WOW
    Nice day for hunting treasures.
    Have a good week.

  3. Penny,
    Again, You find the best things!! Love the doll and the mirror....... Beautiful homes and gardens too. Thanks so much for sharing. We have now been having some hot weather and the flowers are just bursting out all over!! I planted all my annuals and of course, a cold front is coming through mid week with temps. in the low 40's to high 30's!! I will be praying for no frost again!!


  4. You did get some great pieces and good prices! Our yard sale/flea market season has come to an end until fall, so now I just have to start using all the items I found this winter! Love the mirror! Beautiful gardens you shared! Enjoy a beautiful new week! Blessings, Cindy

  5. I believe I know just the neighborhood you were in. It is truly lovely. I drive 10 hours to get from NE Texas to Albuquerque, but always take the time to drive around in this neighborhood when I stop for lunch in Amarillo. Lucky you to happen upon such a wonderful sale.

  6. Great finds. We don't have neighborhood sales like that here. What fun for you- xo Diana

  7. HI Penny, Wow what great yard sales you found. I wish we had those here too. I love the sheets you found, I have found the roses one before and love it. Anyway I hope you can join us and link up again tomorrow at our Something to Talk about Link Party. xo Lisa at Concord Cottage

  8. i love the Little lamb!I love the boy reading in front of the one house!

  9. You really did find some treasures!!! the mirror is gorgeous. Nice houses and gardens. I didn't know about knock out roses. I will have to pick up some, I love that you said they bloom all summer!!!

  10. Gorgeous finds, Penny! Thanks for sharing these awesome houses and gardens

  11. That mirror is just wonderful. I have a tough time turning down ME too.

  12. I didn't knee was hurting too much but I am not looking forward to this coming weekend. So far the weather is holding. You made some wonderful finds Penny. It's a treasure hunt for sure and one I am addicted to.
    You DID GREAT!

  13. Penny,
    GREAT finds on your Garage $ale journey, dear one!!!
    Love the mirror you found!!!
    What amazing gardens and landscaping for you to view along the way!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. Looks like you found some wonderful finds and some lovely gardens to get ideas from... We have a storage area just down the street that has auctions every now and then, would be neat to find some fun treasures but have never done it

  15. You found some wonderful items! I haven't been to garage/yard sales for years, but would love to start going again. I love finding treasures!

  16. I love yard sales. I just posted my finds from this last weekend It was successful
    Live tat mirror

  17. I love yard sales too. What great finds.

  18. Thank you for sharing the lovely homes you visited to find your treasures! xoxo

  19. Gorgeous. I think I have those sheets in the photo. I have an entire bed set and curtains too. You found some really great finds.

  20. You have to love when viewing the house is as much fun as shopping the sale! :-) Thanks for sharing at Talented Tuesday!


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