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Monday, July 27, 2015


We found a few goodies on our junkin trip Saturday

I made a stop at HL before we started our hunt Saturday morning...... just to see if they had anything left in the 80% of isle.   (We drove to Lubbock on Saturday and I hadn't checked out the HL there yet).     They had quite a bit left and I was able to score two more fairy cottages,  a  fairy,  and two garden  benches.

I found a couple of Christmas ornaments at an estate sale.....

I got this set of lights at the same sale.

My daughter will probably want these dessert plates,  she has a Paris theme at her home.   All four were only $2

I got a pretty spring sheet for $2 that I will repurpose as a tablecloth.

I did a post yesterday on the other things that I found......2 pretty pillows,  a pair of pink & white striped curtains,  and a couple of unframed oil paintings.

After a morning of yard...saling  ,   I stopped by Dollar General after lunch    I had heard that they had some 50's style knives and forks.   Sure enough they did.......a place setting for 4 was only $3.      They are not very heavy,,,,,more like picnic quality ...but well worth $3 for 12 pieces.

They also had some other pieces in pink.

What caught my eye this week?   I loved this old Victorian that was across the street from one of the yard sales I went to.

I didn't get a close up,  but the topiaries on each side of the door are hand painted.

 Thank you so much for stopping by to visit!


  1. What great finds! I especially like the Fox and cat? Beautiful sheet.Such a spring summer look.

  2. The teapot cottages, fairies and benches are adorable!

  3. Good Morning Penny
    Wow great finds, I am always looking for fairy stuff. Lucky you*** Have a great day today

  4. Penny,
    I am absolutely awestruck at the Fairy Garden pieces!! Beautiful!!
    The plates are so pretty and so is the silverware.And i am in love with that beautiful house at the end of your post!! Beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I always love seeing what you find on your Junkin trips.....


  5. Great finds as usual!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. I haven't made it to HL to see if they had any goodies at our store, you found such pretty sheets, for great deals!

  7. I love it all! What did I find?..a spooner crock, a little OLD sifter and a few other things., hardly anything. :( Maybe this week I'll get lucky. I did find a lovely rug for the front'm happy about that.
    All of your things are so cute. Then I gave it all to my daughter in law..except the sifter.. You have the best garage sales where you live!!

  8. Very good finds! I love the way your pictures were laid out!

  9. Fun finds Penny. Love the sheet and the silverware will be fun for summer! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. My dear Penny, how do you manage to find such lovely items? Those plate are just too sweet! Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  11. I absolutely love this! Pinned and tweeted. Thank you so much for bringing such a masterpiece to our party. I hope to see you tomorrow at 7 pm. We can't wait to party with you! Lou Lou Girls


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