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Monday, August 24, 2015

Lemonade and Osage Oranges

I  bought this lovely pitcher with hand painted lemons on it at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago  ( $5)  

I was using it to make H and I some lemonade to have with lunch thing led to another and before I knew it......I had drug out all my lemon stuff and did an vignette on the kitchen counter.   You all know how much  I love to play with dishes!

My lemon welcome sign came from HL's 90% isle as did the easy lemon sign in the next photo.

I used my mother's vintage lemon juicers to make my lemonade....

When H and I were going around to some yard sales on Saturday,  we spotted  these green nubby fruits laying under a tree along side a country  road.

I didn't know what they were at the time,  but they looked interesting,  so we picked a couple of them up

 When I googled "green nubby fruit",      images of my fruit popped up.    The info on them said they are called Osage Oranges  or  Hedge Apples.      99% of the reviews said they are not edible.    Some of the comments said they could be cut up and placed around the foundation  of your home to deter roaches and spiders.  Who knew!!!    

The area I found them in was so beautiful......

Rolling hills and gorgeous country homes.

If you noticed that my lemonade had a milky look  it's because I use condensed milk to sweeten it.......makes it really yummy.

  Lemonade anyone?


  1. I'm not a lemonade devotee---but that looks scrumptious in the hand-painted porcelain ewer. All your items are such fun, and a great bridge between now and fall. Thanks for sharing all your Sweet lemons!

  2. Yes osage oranges are poisonous especially to pets. I put them around for spiders. Not sure if they work but I don't see too many inside the house. Spiders have been abundant outside though...Lovely pitcher and love lemons, lemon anything...

  3. Penny,
    What a pretty pitcher and a cute sign!! I could probably use some of those osage oranges for the abundance of spiders that we have around here!!!
    Beautiful weather here with high's in the high 70's and low's in the 50's!! I am now on my every 2 week 3 day off stretch!
    But I have have a lot that I want to get done....


  4. Love the vignettes. What a pitcher find. Love it. The hedge apples may leak, so watch what you put them on. Inedible. I used to slice them about half inch thick and dry/bake at 200° until they wrinkle up to dehydrate. This process stinks, tho. Lol... I think yours are prettiest!

  5. Love your pitcher ! Go to my blog and see what I found for 5 ! We both did well !

  6. Must try lemonade sweetened with condensed milk...yum! Love the pitcher and your lemon vignette. I wonder where I can find these Osage Oranges...I would use then to deter spiders here in MN. TFS

  7. I have heard of Hedge Apples before but didn't know what they were. I think they're pretty!

    Love your lemonade vignette!

  8. Love your summery refreshing!

  9. What a lovely pitcher! I'd like to drink your lemonade...

  10. Loving this! You are so talented. Thanks for sharing this at our party. Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm, so we get to party with you again! Lou Lou Girls


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