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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's All in the Details

If your're asking yourself    "is she still working on that bathroom"  the answer would be Yes!   In fact,  I'm still working on the same wall!
In my last post about the guest bath,  we had finished hanging the wall paper on the east wall.

We just finished putting the border up and all of the decorative wood trim on that wall.

There is a small metal strip that goes around the top of the  vanity back splash that needed a little dressing up.    Left photo is before .....right is after.

Here is the other end of the vanity with its new trim.

I looked thru tons of  wallpaper border books,  and couldn't find anything I really liked.   I decided to use an ivory lace mantle scarf that I had as the border above the vanity,   H stapled it to the wall and then added a decorative trim piece  at the top.   I am very happy with my untraditional border. 

You can barely see a hint of lace border in the photo on the right.   It is  very delicate 7" wide lace that I am using as the border around the rest of the bathroom.   All of the border will be topped with the same wood trim....I am also using that same trim as the top part of the new base boards.
H installed simple white trim on the corners.

I couldn't resist putting out a cute fall owl as part of the new decor on the vanity.    I know it's a little early for fall decor,  but I couldn't see putting back the same decor that I had.
Tomorrow,  we hope to wallpaper the north wall and put up the new back soon with another update!


  1. Penny,
    Looks very pretty and I love the lace idea!! Did you paint the wall paper white first? I have a paintable border that i was thinking of putting up on the ceiling in the Powder Room and I am debating about it i should paint it first......
    Looking forward to the Final Reveal as i am sure you are too after doing all this work!! LOL!


  2. That is totally working, I love the white-on ivory-on white-on white, letting all the details show up. The owl, he doesn't eat much…and will make sure you have a hooting good time in your new bathroom. Nice job!

  3. It is coming along beautifully, love that style of trim, the owl is a very cute addition :)

  4. So pretty! Love the wallpaper.


  5. It is all lovely; I especially love the sweet little pearls on the "Hope" sign. I don't think I have the patience to do any wallpaper. Kudos to you for such lovely wallpaper.

  6. The metal strip, the wallpaper, the hope sign...everything so awesome

  7. It looks so good! Bathroom remodels are so time consuming and every project turns into a new one. I totally understand. I love that little owl on the counter. It's a nice unexpected surprise. Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday!

  8. Love the embossed paper Penny! Yup, it's the little added touches that make a room special. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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