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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fall Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of our home,  so I  like to decorate it for the seasons and holidays.  

I am planning to serve my fall buffets from the kitchen island.
I am going to use silver serving pieces for the buffets,   so I thought I would decorate the counters for fall using silver pieces that I am not going to use to serve the buffets.  

  I have silk chrysanthemums in the silver pitcher today,  but I plan to have real ones in there for the party.

This big pumpkin will be moved to another location for the buffet,  so I can have more space for food.  

Bread and butter.....

You can see my pink piggies on the counter in the background.    They begged not to be packed away,  so I left them!  I will probably put them to bed early for the party and put pink scarecrows in their place......or maybe a witch if it is closer to Halloween

I put my enamel lid burner covers away and put out some silver ones.

I made plaid pumpkins for the kitchen.    

Live chrysanthemums will be in the vases for the for everyday.

I have a few more fall decorations to put out
and then I need to get busy on the wedding decor for our daughters Oct wedding


  1. Penny, your pink pumpkin is adorable. I am not ready for Fall yet as I'm hanging on to Summer for as long as I can but you do have some sweet decor! Have a beautiful day.


  2. Ha! Love the whole kitchen look, who would have thought pink pumpkins would work, and they do. I love the marble tiles you inset on your tiled counter tops. What a great idea! You are well on your way for begin ready for the wedding. Smiles!

  3. Your home always look amazing... Love it all...

  4. What a cute and whimsical pink pumpkin..and tiny owl. SO cute Penny!! I haven't even begun to decorate for Fall yet...but I will soon..

  5. Oh..never, never put the piggies away!!! Heavens!!!

  6. I so love those cute little owls peeking their fuzzy little heads out here and there! Love your pink/plaid pumpkins too! Blessings, Cindy

  7. Good Morning Penny
    Your Kitchen is always gorgeous, your Fall decorating is beautful. I just love the pink pumpkin***
    enjoy your day today

  8. Can you post instructions for the pink glitter pumpkins? Love it.

  9. Pretty pink pumpkin....I think I've asked before but does your hubby like all the pink ? Mine is always so sweet about my "decorating" but he will tell me if I am getting too much....(I tend to do that...:)
    Here from Rattlebridge....

  10. What a beautiful kitchen - love the Fall Decor and how it looks!! So beautiful, I would never want to use my kitchen...take out every night! :) Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty !!

  11. woow, that is Shabby Dabby :)
    just Beautiful!!
    YOU are welcome to join my
    Welcome my Friend :)
    Håkan from Sweden

  12. Fabulous, love the shabby chic feel to your fall decorations!

  13. Lovely! Adore the pink pumpkin- your posts always delight! :)

  14. Penny, your pumpkins are stunning, especially the pink one

  15. Your have a "dream kitchen"!!! Everything is so pretty, and I just love the silver lid covers for your stove!!!

  16. Gorgeous kitchen. Very pretty, as is your whole house! Thank you for sharing your wonderful posts with at SHARE IT 27! Pinned and hoping for more.... (wink) Till next week, Rose

  17. that fuzzy little owl on top of the pink pumpkin is sooooooooo cute!

  18. LOVE that pink pumpkin! Everything looks beautiful. Penny. And I thin my mother had/has some of the vintage Avon bottles. :) Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty - we love partying with you! Hope to see you next Friday. :)

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