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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fall Wedding

Our daughter is getting married in early October,  so it's pretty hectic around here.     The wedding ceremony will be at a beautiful old church,   but the reception will be here at our home.

We are hoping for good weather so we can hold the reception in the back yard.   But we are prepared to hold it in our home if the weather doesn't cooperate.

I wanted to show you some of the decor that I am doing for the wedding.      I staged the vignette that I plan to use on the front porch today.....I will take a photo of it....and pack everything in a tote.    On the day of the wedding,   anyone can look at my photo,  unpack the tote and put the vignette back together.

I found this piece of architecture at a yard sale for $8 and thought it would be perfect for an autumn wedding......

I've had this blackboard a long time and you've seen it many times before.   I have it hung below my architectural piece.   The initial will be an S on the day of the wedding.
I know these bride and groom nutcrackers would be perfect for a Christmas wedding,  but I think they will be okay for a fall wedding.

Since luggage will be part of the honeymoon,   I am using this vintage train case as part of my porch decor.   I have one of the vintage wedding gown pumpkins that I made in the train case.   

Next to the welcoming table,  is a stack of vintage luggage.    The top one has an  opening  for wedding cards.

I have a string of bingo   "cards" to add a little whimsy.

Our daughter will be a beautiful bride.

While I was working on the porch,   H was busy in the kitchen.    He will do most of the cooking for the wedding reception,  but today he is making a cake for us.    We can't eat a whole cake ,  so the grandkids will be getting about half of it .
I had found these ceramic  hanky plates at a yard sale .....$1 each.....and I'm going to sit down and have 
a piece of H's delicious cake and a cup of tea.

Melissa  (our daughter) and I are making all the bouquets,   H and the groom are doing the briskets  and side dishes,    and the whole family is pitching in!


  1. What a wonderful wedding plan. I am so tired of seeing these fancy, dancy weddings that cost a fortune, outrageous settings and lah-de-dah meals. How wonderful that your family is coming together to provide a wonderful wedding reception in your own home. The decor is gorgeous and the food sounds divine! I am sure your efforts will outdo anything she would spend a small fortune to achieve in a hotel or resort. You have such a lovely home, your guests will be privileged to share it!

  2. Hi Penny,
    Congrats on your daughter getting married!
    How exciting to have the wedding held at your beautiful house. Wishing all the best.
    Julie @ Julie's Lifestyle

  3. Penny,
    Everything looks absolutely stunning, my friend! You are so talented and imaginative!! I am sure your daughter will look gorgeous!! We finally have some cooler Fall like weather!! Thank Goodness!!


  4. I'm sure your daughter will be a gorgeous bride. Your wedding decors are fairy and your cake looks so yummy.

  5. It sounds like a beautiful wedding is going to be celebrated pretty soon!!! The bride and groom nutcrackers are so cute. I've never seen anything like it. The cake looks so scrumptiously delicious and I bet it tasted even better in those adorable dishes!!!

  6. I've been watching your blog for two months now...and seeing how you were moving toward the wedding. The pumpkins are adorable and I LOVE the nutcrackers...and they will be perfect. Hopedully it will be a beautiful day and everyone can enjoy your decor, Inside and out...The luggage card holder is brilliant, thanks for sharing. Sandi

  7. What a lovely setting for your daughter's wedding day! It is wonderful she wants to be married at home and the extent of your family involvement is truly a blessing I am sure! What a great memory you all will have! Lynn

  8. A wedding put on by you has to be amazing! Lots of ohhhhing and ahhhhing is going to be going on..I just betcha!!

  9. Oh I agree, a wedding put on by you would most definitely me amazing! What a blessing for you and your daughter :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  10. Oh, how absolutely cute. I love the white on white theme and the vintage look. And what a wonderful idea to take a picture of the decor and have the guest recreate it. I've never heard of that before but I really, really like it. I'll have to admit that I'm jealous of those beautiful plates. What a treat. I hope that the day will be sunny and I know your daughter will be beautiful surrounding by friends and family. Hope pictures will be forthcoming after the wedding.

  11. How beautiful holding your daughter's wedding reception at your home. It will make the day extra special. Hope all the rest of the planning goes well!

    Thanks for linking up to Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning.

  12. It all looks terrific, so great that everyone is pitching in to make it a great day, sure hope you have nice weather so everyone can enjoy your beautiful yard!

  13. Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming wedding! How lucky is she to have you and her Dad to help in the planning! You always amaze me with your GORGEOUS vignettes and special treasures-and your hubby's cake looks SO yummy! Praying you have lovely weather-because your outdoor space is divine!

  14. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday.

  15. Can you show us how you made the pumpkins from wedding gowns or is there a link somewhere? Love to try some.


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