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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Front Yard

We had to put the final touches on the front yard for the wedding reception on Saturday because it is supposed to rain the next few days......

     ........  but the weather looks good for Saturday  (big smiley face) 
We packed up the two wicker settee's for the winter that are usually on each side of the chandy's.    H replaced them with some hay bales that he got at the farm store.

The pink geraniums that were in this wrought iron planter were replaced with mums.

I dressed my scare crow in her new square dance cancan.....a yard sale buy ($5)  and got out her square dance boots.    I think this may be her last year,  she is about 7 years old and is starting to look pretty!

H got out his old rusted car and I filled it with sweet potato vine.

I dressed my garden girl in her fall attire and filled the pony buggy with pumpkins,  mums,  and gourds.    Even the little trailer got a pumpkin by the front door.
Here's how the chandy's look all lit up 
I think I should tie an orange plaid bow around the neck of my geese,  don't you?

The planter on the other side of the porch was filled with matching mums....

Here is how our front yard looks and I wanted to share a few yards in our area that look so cute all decorated for fall.....

Our neighbor across the street and down a few houses has her yard decorated for fall   (our house is where the first white car is) 

I love her fall vignette and she has a spot light on it in the evening and if you look real close,  you can see the orange lights behind her vignette.

This house is behind us two streets and down a little......

I saw it when we were yard-saling Saturday and couldn't resist taking a quick photo.

This house also caught my eye the giraffe!

Our dishwasher died on Saturday and hopefully the new one will be installed by Saturday......the sewer backed up into the shower this morning and we had to call the plumber out.     H was a sweetheart and cleaned the shower top to bottom.

No problem....everything will work out....God is Good!


  1. I love how your vintage "lady in the garden" adds just a touch of mystery to your fall front yard. Very unique!!

  2. OMGOSH- When it rains it pours, doesn't it? lol You will soon be all ready for the big day. Be sure to take lots of pictures for us. The houses around you are all decorated really cute, too. Have a good rest of the week- xo Diana

  3. Your lady in the garden is fabulous! Everything is amazing

  4. Wow you've done a fantastic job with your fall transformation! Love the pics of your neighbors fall decorating too! I lost my dishwasher earlier this year and had to replace it. I was ready for it after hand washing everything for almost two weeks. Glad for you that the plumbing was fixed- thank goodness that didn't happen the day of the wedding! Best wishes for a fabulous wedding day at your home!

  5. [ Smiles ] Nice ideas pertaining to outdoor decoration, Penny!

  6. I LOVE everything! Sorry about the dishwasher :-(. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures! Thanks for making my day by showing me your pictures!

  7. Such a beautiful decoration for the outside. Love it. It really gives you a sense of fall.

  8. my favorite saying for weddings (I used to do flowers for weddings), "If this is the worst thing that happens, we are good...!" And honestly I said it at every wedding to a Mom or Bride. Think---poison exotic frog in a calla lily bouquet...LOL. Only time I have ever killed and 'endangered species'.

    Have a wonderful day it all looks gorgeous and what a nice neighborhood to live in.

  9. Penny,
    Your yard looks so charming and welcoming!! I am sure the wedding guests will be delighted with the entrance to your stunning home!!
    LOVE the chandys at night!! They are drop dead gorgeous!!
    Joe and I worked out in the back yard today and i still have annuals that are still blooming!! I am having a get together in Sunday for my sister and her kids so we have been sprucing up a bit too!!

    I am praying for great weather for the Wedding on Saturday for you!!


  10. Glad the rain is getting it out of it's system before the weekend and you have a clear Saturday to come. It is looking great and I just love the chandy's, they look fantastic!

  11. Love your fall gal! Hope you guys have a beautiful wedding! God bless!

  12. Everything is lookng lovely..My goodness! The day is just around the corner! :) Your ends will all come out even..or pretty darn close to it. It will all turn out wonderful! I promise and I don't break my promises to my friends! :)

  13. If it isn't one thing it's another but I'm thinking everything will be perfect. You're off to a good start.

  14. I love the way you all celebrate FALL (Autumn to us) in the USA. I've enjoyed visiting at that time of year and love the feeling with all the celebrations and decorations for the season. Thanks for sharing with us at #WednesdaysWisdom

  15. Wow, Penny, your yard looks amazing! I love everything you've done! Thanks for stopping by Inspiration Thursday and sharing your home.

  16. Everything looks perfect for a fall wedding Penny! So glad that it's going to be nice weather. I love the scare lady and the wagon filled with the bumpy pumpkins and gourds. It's fun when neighbors join in the decorating fun. I always love driving around and see what others in our little town have done. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. Very pretty! I especially love H's rusted car!


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