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Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Versatile Suitcase

No,  I didn't trick you,  this post IS  about how versatile a vintage suitcase can!   See it on the left side of the photo?

 First I wanted to show you the new vignette in the entry.    I decided to move the wooden trough that was there into the dining room buffet so it wouldn't get dumped at the wedding reception.

A tree topped owl...who knew!

H married my suitcase to a black pedestal   (the pedestal was a $3 yard sale find)  to make me a little table to display the brides bouquet on after the wedding.

A hole was already in the top of the suitcase showing how it could be used to hold cards.....

or are only limited by your imagination.

Melissa's bouquet is so pretty,  here are some sneak peeks.....

I can't wait to show you the bride holding it....she is beautiful!   Maybe I'm just a LITTLE teeny weeny!


  1. Your ideas are so inspiring and so out of the box . . . pretty amazing how you made that table :)

  2. Beautiful photos. Gorgeous bouquet.


  3. I can't wait till the wedding. You have a great mind to think up all these pretty ideal.
    I want to see the wedding family Thank You for sharing.

  4. Oh, it looks like the brides bouquet is absolutely gorgeous! She must be so very excited for the grand day! Many blessings, Cindy

  5. I am looking forward to seeing the wedding photos!

  6. How pretty! Can't wait to see pictures from the wedding!

  7. Looking forward to seeing pictures from the wedding. You are just teasing us.

  8. Great ideas and everything looks great, the sneak of her bouquet looks perfect for a fall wedding!

  9. I' m looking forward to seeing the bride...beautiful bouquet and wonderful ideas

  10. Love your Fall decor, penny. Best wishes, Linda @Crafts a la mode

  11. I love your decorating style! It is great to be visiting via #HomeMattersParty.



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