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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas in the Family Room Sneak Peek

Its the most wonderful time of the year....

What makes it the most wonderful time of the year......the birth of  Jesus!

I bought this lovely pastel Nativity set at an estate sale back in the summer.   I haven't seen very many pastel sets,  so I was very excited to find this one. 

We had to move this white display cabinet down the wall a little to make room for the Christmas tree  to set next to the fireplace.  (see the sneak peek of the tree in the right corner)     I had to take down the bowl that was below the white ceramic water dispenser to get the cabinet in place.    I told H that I needed to put the bowl somewhere safe until after Christmas.   H suggested   that I might think about using it as the creche.   I tried it....and really liked it!   Thank you H!
I have several Nativity scene's displayed in the family room this year 

The set only had the little boy and one small,  I added some more to make him a flock.

I am so excited about this years theme for the family room and can't wait to show you more!


  1. Very sweet! I'm holding off to decorate until the day after Thanksgiving, just barely though!

  2. Love all of your nativities. How precious!


  3. I have been collecting nativity sets for over 20 years and love this beautiful piece you are sharing here. Very elegant and serene! Blessings, Cindy

  4. How lovely, Penny. I shared on my Facebook page (tomorrow) and pinned also. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Linda @Crafts a la mode

  5. You put us all to shame, or at least me! Love your decor so much! It reminds me of the ones I see in the historic homes that are decorated for the holidays for tours!

  6. good Morning Penny
    Everything looks so pretty* love the soft pastel of the nativity you have. I have never seen something like this before, with the angel and her dress open with Jesus under it. Its just breathtaking!!! and the lights with it. Oh my, its so so pretty. Have a great day Penny, thanks for sharing your pretties

  7. This is such a beautiful display - all so soft and pretty. I love all of the different sheep, so sweet. Can't ait to see your tree this year.

  8. Penny,
    The bowl as a creche was absolutely ingenius!! I t looks wonderful and I adore that pastel nativity set!! So pretty!!Looks lovely!!
    I am trying to think of somewhere to put a second village that i have not used in years.......

  9. This is so gorgeous! I love the lights and the pale theme, stunning!

  10. Amazingly pretty Nativity! I have never seen one quite like that and you have it displayed so beautifully!
    Joy @ Books and Life

  11. Your nativity looks very precious and elegant.

  12. There are so many beautiful details! The Nativity Set is amazing! Thank you for sharing at Share it Link Party this week!

  13. The pastel nativity is beautiful..reminds me a little of Precious Moments pieces.

  14. So beautiful how you displayed the nativity with the angel hovering above. All you do is gorgeous.

  15. What a beautiful nativity display... goes great with all your vintage décor!
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. The bowl as the creche is genius! What a sweet nativity. I love, love the darling sheep and shepherd. Can't wait to see the theme.


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