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Friday, November 20, 2015

Pastel Christmas decor in the Kitchen

I decorated another section of the kitchen counters today.

I used pastels to decorate this section of the kitchen counter.

I have repurposed my vintage bread keeper by storing extra coffee cups for company in it.

The coffee pot sits right next to the bread keeper so it is handy to just open it when company stops by.   I used to keep the extra cups in the cupboard above,  but I like them better here.    I bought the big ice cream cone clip at HL last year in the 90% of isle.   It is perfect for leaving a little love note for H on a lace paper napkin.
Almost all of the decorations I used in the vignettes on this countertop have been purchased at year end sales.

Some of you may remember that I had the kitchen done in a cupcake theme a few years ago.    I guess I'm a hoarder because I seldom get rid of decor that I have got tired of.....I just box it up and get it back out in  a couple of  years.   It seems like new!

I wanted to put a tree on each side of the ginger bread house,  but I only had one.    The other one was in a vignette on the counter I decorated yesterday.

I had it next to my little pink stove.     I "borrowed" it and left a cute night light and pink container of faux candy in it's place.   

I have several cardboard containers in my Christmas vignettes.....they are not just a pretty!

I use them to store cookies!    When company comes,   I can just open the box and put out some cookies to enjoy with a cup of coffee.

The 20th of Nov. and it is a gorgeous day here in Eastern New Mexico.    It is in the 60's and it is just gorgeous outside.    I opened the kitchen window to let some of that fresh air in the kitchen while I am decorating the counters.   H is outside putting up some icicle lights around the front of the house.

We haven't had much cold weather here and you can see that the leaves on the tree's have just now started to have some fall color.

The big tomato plants that were in the vintage washers have died,  but the rose bushes are full of blooms.   Maybe I'll have a fresh bouquet from our garden on the Thanksgiving table!

We are busy the rest of the week,  but I hope to have the Christmas decorating finished  in the kitchen before Thanksgiving!


  1. Penny, I've been so distressed because I haven't had any posts from you in about a week. I MISS those daily
    updates !!! I just LOVE your home and enjoy your writings on a daily basis. Your home is so beautiful !

  2. Good Morning Penny
    Wow, your kitchen looks amazing with all your sweet pastels. I live in CT and its been so nice here also, I had the kitchen window open yesterday too* Loving this weather
    Love the idea of the cookies in the pretty boxes! Enjoy your weekend Penny

  3. It makes me think of the name of that movie- Pretty In Pink! I see you are counting down towards the big day. Love it- xo Diana

  4. You have definitely given me the incentive to start my Christmas decorating! Your holiday kitchen is so sweet, love all of the pastels.

  5. Oh come on! I barely got my fake trees (2) put together last night and now am considering decorations. You got your whole house done! I love those cupcake ornaments--so cute!


  6. You need your very own magazine! :) Those cupcake decorations ..loved them then and love them now. Everything is so festive. I'm just finishing putting the Fall things down. We are not having our dinner here so I am off into the Christmas season. My tree is coming from North Carolina once again this year. Last years was fantastic. I tried a faux tree ..three times and it just didn't work for me. But it's such a GREAT way to showcase our hanging decorations...So one will go in the living room...I think. I need to get moving!! :) I come here for my "simply gorgeous" fix!

  7. Your pastels are so sweet. They look wonderful in your kitchen. I especially love the cupcakes.

  8. Your kitchen is just beautiful and I admire how organized you are. I still have fall decorations up but hope to start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. So cute! Love the cake burner covers!!!!

  10. It's like a Fairytale in your house, so magical and beautiful! I love the soft tones of pink and pastels you incorporated into your decor! Thanks for sharing at Share it Link Party this week!

  11. Your Christmas decoration in the kitchen looks like a fairy land. It is very pretty.

  12. Penny,
    Totally loving your Kitchen decorated for Christmas with all the candy and gingerbread!! LOVE those cupcake ornaments on the pedestal stand!! So pretty!!
    I am working out in the Den which i have not decorated for Christmas in 2 years so it is taking me a bit longer than I anticipated. I will only have the Powder room to do and i will do that on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving and then i am done!! Except for tweaking and some crafting!!

  13. Great touches of christmas Penny, it's just beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Your kitchen is simply magical! I am lovin' that gorgeous chandelier...

  15. I love Christmas decor in pastel colors, so pretty!

    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  16. Okay, so where did you get a pink coffee pot? It's so cute. The little snowman resting in the cup is a cutie! I think we've been having the same gorgeous weather, Penny. Love the pastels.


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