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Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Wreath

I decided to make a glitzy wreath for our New Year's party.  
 I used gold,  silver, and pale pink Christmas ornaments in various sizes.   I made this wreath a little different than I have the ones I have made in the past.   I filled in a lot of the spaces with some curly package bows that I picked up at the Dollar Tree.    They worked perfect and gave another texture to my wreath.

I also used some silver mirror ball ornaments that I picked up yesterday at Hobby Lobby  ....80% off. 

I have the family room all decorated for New Years Eve.   

Close family members will come over for a New Year's Eve slumber party dressed in their most comfy  PJ's 

I have lot's of fun things to eat....these are Bubbly flavored Jelly Belly's.

Gold and silver party hats 
I still have most of my Christmas decor up,  so  I just added a few gold and silver streamers to the existing mantel.

I decorated some empty liquor bottles with more of my Dollar Tree curly q's that were left over from the wreath.

And of course we need some noise makers for the party.

Happy New Year


  1. Happy New Year Penny! Oh! how beautiful your home looks, I love everything about it!
    That wreath is to die for, WOW!!! Blessing & Hugs

  2. Your wreath is gorgeous and you home looks so festive and ready for New Year's Eve.


  3. What FUN! You are such a wonderful hostess - I feel like popping over in my own comfy jammies for the party!!

    Your wreath is perfect for tonight - happy new year, dear sweet lady!

  4. all is so pretty Happy New Years penny!

  5. The wreath is lovely; the colours are very festive.
    Happy New Year!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  6. Que le chemin de l’année 2016 soit parsemé d’éclats de joie, de pétales de plaisir, qu’il soit éclairé par la l’étincelle de l’amour et la lueur de l’amitié.
    Bonne et heureuse année !

  7. Penny,
    Love the wreath!! So pretty!! All your New Year's decorations are so pretty! Jim, Danielle and Joey came for dinner.Joe made lobster and we had scallops, shrimp and chicken fingers. They did not stay until Midnight though because Jim and Danielle had to go to work for 3am. They work the overnight shift at Target. I am working tonight but I am making lasagna today for another family dinner.
    Happy New Year to you and your family, my friend!!

  8. Beautiful wreath, A Very Happy New Year 2016 to you & yours :)

  9. Everything looks so beautiful! I just love it! Happy New Year to you! Leticia

  10. I just love your wreath! it is so happy looking! I also love the bottles! Such a perfect idea for New Years! Thanks for sharing at Celebrate It! Happy New Year!

  11. Beautifully done, I saw a video on how to make these, that is a lot of work! Happy New Year!

  12. Your wreath is gorgeous! Your home always looks fairy.Happy new year to you and your family

  13. It's beautiful Penny. Happy New Year!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  14. Dear Penny:
    Always enjoy every posting! Everything looked love for your PJ Party! What a cute idea. Happy New Year and thanks always for sharing!

  15. Penny, I love your sparkly wreath! I'm sure you all had a lovely time on New Years Eve. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your day.


  16. I sooooooo want this wreath. Penny, this is one I would so buy, but in a smaller version. I would find different places in my home to hang different colors.

  17. Holy cow, everything looks like something from a fairy tale!! That wreath! WOW. And I love you used curly ribbon. What a neat and creative idea!

  18. I love that wreath Penny! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home! Happy New Year!

  19. Beautiful wreath! Love it! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your posts with us at Brag About It! Happy New Year!

  20. You made such a pretty wreath & love how festive everything looks.
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J&J!

  21. This is SO pretty! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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