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Monday, December 28, 2015

Winter Storm Goliath

Winter storm Goliath has finally moved out of Eastern New Mexico.    We didn't get but about 4" of snow,  but the wind....oh,  that terrible wind.   It blew about 60 miles an hour for days.    In fact the news said we topped out at 83 miles per hour on Saturday!  
  There is no access to the front door until a whole lot of shoveling is done on the!

The porch is covered with about  3- 4' of snow.....

This snow is on the INSIDE of the front door.   The wind was that strong.

The back yard is covered in beautiful snow drifts.  
  Do you notice that there is no snow on the roofs?   The wind blew it all off!
This is  a house about a block down from ours....they can't get out thru the front at all.

The storm was one of the worst we have had in years,  but we are so blessed!   The Dallas area (about 500 miles from here)   had loss of life and so many homes were flattened by a tornado .    The middle and  eastern parts of the USA will be in our prayers as this storm is headed their way now.


  1. are buried. The wind is strong here tonight with icing. Please take care, Im sure it will melt by you as quick as it piled up. Stay Snug, Sandi

  2. Penny:
    Here in Colorado we are familiar with the drifting! All the way up to the top of our front door years back around Halloween! Ha! You know you love it Penny! Enjoy as I am sure it doesn't happen there often. Be Safe - be warm and Happy New Year!

  3. Amazing pictures! Beautiful! Happy New Year! xox

  4. This storm was definitely freaky. Your snow drifts look beautiful, but if you can't get out the front door the beauty fades. Thanks for sharing these photos. Here in Austin we've only had rain and hail. Strange December weather! Glad you are safe.
    Happy New Year!

  5. so glad you are safe and sound. The snow does look beautiful! Have a happy new year!

  6. Hi Penny: I have been watching the news, it looks so scary. I am so glad you are safe. Sending prayers your way. Hugs, Martha

  7. Good thing the wind has died down and hope the snow melts away soon. We have had unusually heavy rains and wind which have caused floods, trees toppling and landslides. Some apartments had to be evacuated and are condemned as sliding down a hill. Bad weather all over!

  8. Penny,
    So glad that you are okay.
    I do have to say that the snow looks so pretty!! I missed My White Christmas this year. We did get a bit of that last storm but we had rain and ice! No snow here yet. I am off so I did not have to drive to work in that ice! i do so LOVE being Part time!! LOL!

  9. Wow that drifting is amazing, it surely has been a weird winter weather so far. We have had a lot of flooding in our area but thankfully we are ok, our sump pump is working over time.

  10. Your photos are beautiful, but I can tell that you had a grandaddy of a storm! I'm so glad you were safe. We had winds, but nothing like that! I wish you a Happy New Year with calm skies and much happiness.

  11. I' m so glad you safe! The snow looks so beautiful

  12. OH boy what a storm you had. We used to live in MT (south of Helena) and sure know how the drifts can be. WE came home from a run (hubs was trucker) one time, couldn't get up onto driveway, had to trudge thru high snow drifts to house.We lived out on plains so wind was ferocious and scarey many times. Can remember being out there and feeling wind move the house (double wide). Hubs was out on road so by myself. Sure learned what I was made of when we lived out there. First winter out there had 25 below during day for weeks. Can remember 40 below also with propane level going down too quickly. We moved from San Diego to MT in '92. Talk about a change but I loved it. Not so much fun for hubs driving in it tho. Driving to Helena for work early wasn't much fun either, seems storms would wait til time to be to work before they'd start. We had to drive around lake and then the dam (Canyon Ferry Lake/dam).
    Glad you are safe, be careful out shoveling snow, can be dangerous. I had to do lots of shoveling to get vehicle out of pole shed then out to road. Felt like a pioneer woman, lol.
    Happy New Year.

  13. We only get snow every once in awhile and it's pretty, fluffy and gently falls to earth, all is quite and serene. I can't even imagine the howler you had!

  14. Wow! That's some high wind and lots of snow. We have been having a much warmer winter than normal, temps growing colder over these past few days.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  15. Wow Penny, that was some wind! We have snow, but haven't had a problem with wind. So sad about the tornado disasters! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. Glad to see you survived Goliath! We were visiting my parents in Lubbock when it blew through and it was crazy! We were housebound for a few days until we could dig our way to the street, and even then it was pretty scary. Thanks for sharing your snow covered pictures with us!

  17. I am glad we missed this! It has been warm here just now starting to chill down. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home! Happy New Year!

  18. Penny I'm so glad you all are OK. We just got our 2nd snow of the season here last night in Oklahoma. It's not enough to do anything but make the roads unsafe and soak the farm.

    Hugs and stay warm.

    Thanks for sharing at Simple Saturdays


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