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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Easter Fairy Garden

You have seen my concrete bunny before....but, she was filled with live plants out in the back yard.  
 Since it's a little early to plant any flowers outside,   I thought I would bring her in and make her a part of the Easter decor.    By the way,  she is pretty heavy...thank you H for bringing her in for me!

I wanted to do something other than just stick a plant in her basket.......and I love making fairy, the choice was pretty easy!

I filled the concrete basket with styrofoam,  topped  that with some grass,  stuck in a few carrots,  a rake,  a hoe,  a pink chick,  scattered some tiny Easter eggs,  put a fence around it and gently placed my fairy in the basket.   It took longer to gather up the supplies than it did to create my Easter fairy garden.

I found some more ribbon pillows at Stein  Mart over the week end.....only these were Easter pillows.

There is quite a bit of ribbon work on the pillows,  so I think the $17 price tag is a pretty good deal.

I hung an Easter wreath over the sofa.  
 This is one that you may remember seeing on the front door last had some succulents in it then.   This year,  I took out the succulents  and added some blue and white daisies in their place.  Since I left all the other flowers in place when I took out the succulents,  it was a quick refresh for my last years wreath.     I will use the succulents in another project that I have planned.

Did I mention that I bought two ribbon work pillows?

This little bunny looks very determined to get her flowers watered!

The fairy that sits on the box has a very important job......

She guards.......

the remote and switches that turn on the lights in the family room!     As you can see,  the box is not just another pretty decoration,  it has a very important use!

Think I'll get out the remote,  lay back in my recliner and watch the Food maybe  take a little nap!


  1. Penny,
    Playing catch up again!!
    Love the Easter Fairy Garden in the concrete bunny planter!!Those ribbon pillows are so pretty!! We do not have a Stein Mart anywhere in our area.

  2. wow - i could live in this room, but I think my husband would move out!!! too much for him. Wonderful setup

  3. Everything here is so special, I love it all.

  4. Such beautiful, beautiful things, Penny!! So...I was you happen to have an extra room? You know, for a time guest. I would be no trouble at all..I would just follow you around and oooo and ahhhh over everything and drive you a bit crazy..but you wouldn't mind, would you? heh heh! Everything is so Springtime and Easter. Simply lovely!!

  5. Penny,

    What a precious living room. I love the floral fabric on the bottom of your couch and the inventive idea of hiding your remotes.


  6. love all the soft beautiful colors. I love the whimsy rabbits and all the fun that fills this room
    come see us at

  7. Everything is so cute. I especially like the last picture where I see the whole room and how lovely it looks.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC!

  8. your sweet rabbit pillow took my heart right away. your home is always a pleasure to visit.

  9. Where can one buy shabby chic couches such as your beautiful ones?


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