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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Adding Curb Appeal with Rock....Rockin' front yards

H and I took a fun Sunday afternoon drive and  I snapped a few  photo's of some "Rockin" front yards.  

We are very  water conscious  here in the southwest,  so rock is a staple in our landscaping......

You do see water features in our area,  but the pools are usually very shallow and have minimal water in them

It has become popular in our area  to use large rocks with the house number on them in the front yard as a alternative to the usual house numbers on a mail box or stenciled on the curb.

Big beds of rock mixed with area's of grass create great curb appeal

A big moss covered rock mixed with medium sized red rock on a bed of pebbles creates a great look for a area near the street that is not part of  your inground sprinkler system.
 Plant the area with with drought resistant plants and you seldom have to apply water by hand to the area.   

Rock can add an element of texture to your yard.....

Rock is a great tool for outlining a flower bed....

Lots of homes in the area use what is called xeriscape landscaping.     Lots of rock and drought resistant plants give the front yard tons of curb appeal.

I took lots of photo's so I'm gong to let you just scroll down the post and enjoy our Sunday afternoon ride.....

Well,  we are pulling into our front drive.....

We have a inground sprinkler system in the back yard,  but in our front yard drought resistant plants rely on the very little rain we get plus H waters them by hand if we have a dry spell.     I hope you enjoyed the tour and got some ideas on how to add curb appeal to your yard or how  to cut back on your water consumption.


  1. Wonderful looking front yards!

  2. Beautiful Penny!! I love the use of rocks in landscaping and am getting ready to put some in my front flowerbeds where there is space. Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. I just loved all the rock gardens. I have a few nice rocks here. That buggy was so sweet. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Penny.
    I do have to first comment on the homes that you showcased... Those are some magnificent homes!! I love the rocks but we are used to seeing them in amongst a lot of grass here in the Northeast!! Loved the tour!! Thanks so much for taking us along!!

  5. This is great inspiration for my own front yard! I love all the photos you took. Thanks so much for visiting Inspiration Thursday!

  6. Well, now here is a lovely some and the carriage is darling - all looks lovely!

  7. Great post Penny,
    I have always been a fan of river rock, flagstone and moss rock.
    Being that we live in Texas we have incorporated many of these features into our landscape-love the earthy and natural presence.
    Great inspiration, thank you for sharing at TOHOT!

  8. Penny, thanks for the tour. It will be some time before I can "do" the front yard, but when I do I'd like to incorporate some of these ideas.

  9. We love rocks too especially BIG ones. I love the rocks that have moss on them the best.

    Your drive sure gave us some beautiful things to look at.

    Happy Thoughts of Home. :)

  10. That was a great tour of homes, so many I loved. Thank you for sharing on the #OMHGFF this week, always nice to see you!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  11. I too love rock in my landscaping.
    My favorite is limestone and flagstone.
    Small rocks like gravel trap so many leaves.
    Thank you for sharing this at Thoughts of Home.
    We are so glad you are here!

  12. Awesome front yards and houses!!!

  13. lovely scenes! happy pink saturday! xo

  14. Hi Penny, Great photos - enjoyed the tour! Thanks for sharing! Blessings,Janet

  15. Penny your posts are always a feast for the eyes! I agree that curb appeal is very important, and for those of us who lack the gardening gene...well what a great alternative this is! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou this week. Love, Mimi xxx

  16. Penny, I use rocks in my landscaping, and also plant native drought tolerant plants. Thanks for sharing the facts and great photos at Vintage Charm!

  17. WOW looks like you live in a really pretty area! Thanks for linking up on the Tips & Tricks link party this week :)
    Happy Tuesday!

  18. Wow! Fantastic! I have always loved using rocks in landscaping.

  19. Great front yards you got there! Love all the stone.Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday! Pinned! Have a great week!

  20. These are some beautiful yards that look like they do really well in areas of drought! I'm going to feature this post on Thursday Favorite Things on my blog this week!

  21. I love rocks and the yards all look wonderful. Rocks really do add a lot of interest. I collect rocks {from around the world} so I found your post most interesting. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your day.


  22. Such great ideas!

    I would love for you to add this to my Recipes and Crafts Facebook Group:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  23. I am a huge fan of using rocks as part of the house as well as the landscaping! These are all so beautiful and I'd love to have a waterfall like the one above in my front yard! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!

  24. I love seeing different houses with landscaping. I do love adding rocks. They add interest and creating waterfalls is always stunning. Thanks for sharing this at DI&DI.


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