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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Longhorns and Lace Tablescape

I have a fun southwest style Longhorn and Lace Tablescape set up on the front porch farm table.    

I am planning a simple salad supper.....everyone will bring their favorite summer salad......

I chose a lace tablecloth to set the placemats, plates, glasses,  napkins,  and cutlery on.    The salads will be served buffet style on a nearby table.

In addition to the centerpiece on the table,   I have a blingy boot floral design tied to each of the "head seats"

Since it is a salad supper,   I thought a salad centerpiece would be cute.   The base of my centerpiece is a black vintage iron scale.   I filled the scale "tub" with faux veggies,  roses,  and lace.    

Lots of guests wearing  boots will be here tonight .....and they might need repairs .....  so I have some metal shoe lasts on hand just in!

I restyled the mantle to coordinate with the southwest tablescape theme.....

A olive bucket full of air ferns,  pink boots.......

Sconces and roses make for a quick change mantle.

I wanted to show you how I would set the table if I were having a sit down dinner rather than a buffet.

I didn't want to cover my pretty place mats with a plate, napkins ...etc.....  

  (I purchased a pad of 50 Longhorn  placemats on Amazon for about $34)

The only way I came up with to showcase the pretty placemats was to set the mat just above the plate so the longhorn  could  be seen.    I chose a white lacy charger and lacy napkins to keep my Longhorn and Lace tablescape theme going.  
   Do any of you know what the iron piece on the left of the fork is.....a boot puller!    Just set the heel of your boot between the horns and pull your boot off. 

I didn't want to take time to set the entire table,  but you get the idea.

  I also brought down some of the decor on the fireplace to give the table a more formal look that I would want at a sit down dinner.

 It has been pretty hot here in Eastern NM during the day this week,  but when the sun goes down it will really cool off.    There's plenty of lighting on the porch,  so it will be a perfect evening for a salad supper.


  1. Penny- How you think up all these great ideals is beyond me. Your guest tonight will be in for a treat. Love this setting- Thank you for sharing.

  2. Penny, The long horn placemats were a real surprise to me. Enjoyed your post. Sylvia D.

  3. Penny - Great ideas and what a lovely luncheon. Wish I lived closer. LOL


  4. What great ideas. Not as hot here in western NY as in NM, friend. smiles

  5. I love those placemats, Penny. In fact I saw one previously on your post and painted a picture for myself. I love it and your table. It is so lovely with a touch of whimsy!

  6. The longhorn placemats are beautiful. Of course you need to show them. I need to order a set of these for a friend. Fun table, and salads are the perfect summer fare. Enjoy!

  7. Everything is so gorgeous! I LOVE the boots on the back of the chairs, what a beautiful surprise! This whole setting belongs in a magazine! You are so talented!

  8. Such a pretty outdoor longhorn style table setting.
    So many great ideas here today and we so appreciate you sharing them with us at TOHOT!

  9. That whole scene is just gorgeous! I love those round frilly chairs and the boot decoration is really creative and just adds to the scene.

  10. Me encantan todas las ideas son preciosas. Besotes de R&I

  11. Your set up is beautiful! I really like the addition of the longhorns. Such a cute idea.

  12. Such a charming table and I adore your metal peacock chair. Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful post at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  13. That is adorable!! I love when different themes go together! Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty

  14. Penny,
    Really Cute!! And so indicative of where you live!! A really lovely table!!
    I started a new blog because I am unable to resolve the issues at my old one so I hope that you will follow me at Debbie-Dabble Blog, It looks just like my old one!!


  15. Penny, this is just amazing! You surround yourself and your family/friends with beauty. I know they must love it. I love seeing the pictures.

    Happy Thoughts of Home. :)

  16. What a creative tablescape! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  17. Dear Penny, you are just an endless source of inspiration! That centrepiece is amazing! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou this week. Love, Mimi xxx

  18. This is so cute! I love how creative you are. :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  19. That is one beautiful outdoor buffet Penny! So much eye candy and such a warm and fun setting. The boots are the perfect touch adding a light fun mood for the event. Pinning and sharing. Thanks for providing us with loads of sweet inspiration.


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