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Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Treasure Hunt

The pick'ns were pretty good this past weekend.    

I fell in love with some frilly dresses at one of the sales.....

They were $1 each......

I repurpose little dresses all the time,  so I pick them up whenever I find good clean ones.    Lamp shade covers are my favorite way to use them,  but I also use them in craft projects too.

Out of season items are always cheap at yard bunny was $1.    I don't guess I've ever met a pretty plate that I could pass!

Stainfree,  smellfree  decorative pillows are always hard to find at yard sales,  so I always pick them up if they are less than $2.
 My Silvercrest collection is growing and growing.....but I couldn't pass up a little bowl for  .50

I use boots in my vignettes sometimes.....remember I live in the Southwest (eastern New Mexico)   These blingy little girl boots were $1 and the gold Disney spoon was too.    

Aqua enamel tea cookie jar......vintage hanging scale and a drawer piece from an old sewing machine completes my finds for the weekend.


  1. Great finds at great prices Penny! Can't wait to see what you do with that pink frilly dress. So cute.


  2. Great finds...have I mentioned I'm moving in? (rolling giggles)

  3. Wonderful finds, Penny! I love the aqua enamel teapot. That would look sweet sitting on my stove top. ;-) The cookie jar is adorable. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hi, Penny! I love your new finds. The dresses are absolutely lovely. Very clever idea to use them on the lamps
    Hugs Alessandra

  5. Looks like it was a successful treasure hunt! I love pink! xo

  6. Penny,
    You got some great items!! The dresses are so cute and I like the idea of using them for shade covers. The Bunny is darling and the dish is to die for!!

  7. Nice. I never thought of using an old dress. I have girls so I could have done so much.

  8. Wow, great finds. I've used petticoats and frilly dresses as Christmas tree skirts. Love the teal tea pot! My fav color.

  9. Dear Penny:
    Looks like some great treasures Penny! I agree about things being clean and fresh! Your pillow is sure that! Thanks for sharing and linking.

  10. Hello Penny,
    What wonderful finds! I haven't been yard sales for a while now and your treasures inspires me to try to get out and go again. What a fab idea for lamp shades! Those two dresses will be very romantic.

  11. I have not gone to a garage sale in years, but just had heart surgery to fix a problem and the first thing I am going to do is GARAGE SALE. So excited, I see all your treasures and get so happy knowing I can get out of the house to do my favorite thing.

  12. I know what you mean about the pillows; I've passed on lots of them because of the odor.


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