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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Quick and Easy Settee

What does 2 chairs plus a twin wicker headboard equal...........a settee!    This was such a quick and easy project I almost didn't do a post on it....but here goes!  

I found a twin size wicker headboard at a yard sale this week end for $3.  

 The two chairs came from the dining table in the family room.    Sometimes I have seating for 4 at that table and sometimes I have seating for 6,   so  it's easy to  move chairs around  where I I need them.

H cut 6 inches off the headboard legs to make it the right height for the back of the settee.

A king size pillow was the perfect size for the settee seat.

I get asked a lot where I put everything....most of the time it is in plain!    

In the photo on the left you can see that I had two vintage metal chairs where the new settee is now.      

Those chairs you saw in the photo before this one were moved to the side of the farm can see I now have 4 on each side ....before there were only three.      I move things around a lot that also solves my dusting!    I clean things when I move them!     

I also bought this lit mirror over the week end....$7.    

The 4th of July is about a week is that possible?????

I have a couple of small projects planned for the 4th so I better get busy!


  1. Everything looks so beautiful......would love to see in person. Does the weather affect your pretty things outside? Love your new setee.........

  2. Absolutely great idea. Love it. ❤

  3. Absolutely great idea. Love it. ❤

  4. Oh how I would love to sit there and visit. smiles

  5. What a cute idea, Penny! Your ideas seem to be endless. You remind me of a family friend who always has a witty comment or joke to tell; clean ones of course. I am always asking him if he stays awake half the night coming up with them. ;-) Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.


  6. Penny,
    Now that is such a genius idea!! Amazing!! I never would have thought of that!! I can't believe this weekend is the 4th!! I thought it was at least 2 more weeks away..


  7. What a great idea for creating a settee! You are so clever!

  8. Your projects are alwaays such beautiful and very original
    Hugs Alessandra

  9. Oh my gosh, how clever! I love this! I love seeing what you've done next. Found you on Create Link Inspire this time. Thanks for sharing your awesome settee! I just love it!

  10. Dear Penny:
    Now that is clever. I have seen them put together on "Flea Market Flip" and it is a great idea. Yours looks cute. Thanks for sharing and linking.

  11. Wow...SO pretty! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  12. At first glance I didn't realize it was actually two chairs. Great job!

  13. How pretty! What a great way to create a settee. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday!


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