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Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Auction

We went to a big auction Saturday.     Tons of good stuff,   but we had to leave early because of a blizzard coming into Eastern New Mexico.

   I was able to get a couple of goodies before we left though!

I loved the wildlife theme on this 1923 calendar

I am a sucker for a pretty piece of silver  
 I plan to use both of them at our family Christmas eve gathering.   We are having finger food and I plan to serve chips in the big round bowl and Southwest pinwheels in the lidded casserole dish.  

 One of the silver pieces still had the original sticker on it.

Wish we could have stayed longer ,   but I wanted to get home before we got snowed in at the auction.

When I was taking my auction photo's this morning,   I realized that I haven't shared all my Christmas decor yet.  (like this vignette on the side of the refrigerator.)


I used a set of 3 green hob nail cake plates to make a tiered Christmas tree village.     I gave this set of 3 hobnail cake plates to my mother for Christmas many years ago.

I hope to get some cookies made later this week to put in my Santa cookie jar .....and do a Christmas home tour on my much left to do and only a few days til  Christmas!.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Love that old calendar, Penny. Those green hobnailed stands are gorgeous, too. That looks like a Fitz and Floyd Santa in that last picture. xo Diana

  2. Imagine my surprise as I read your blog. I live across the Missouri River from Jefferson City, MO. Westphalia, Mo isn't too far away. It was a German Settled town and is very quaint.

  3. Penny,
    Love the calendar but that vignette is so sweet!! Love it!! I had a small party on Thursday for 6 and then on Sunday, my sister and her family came over for a party so there was a total of 18 people here between our 2 families!! Another friend came over to visit today. I have to work the next 3 nights and then my nephew and his wife who could not make the party on Sunday will be stopping by to visit on Friday!! Then a few neighbors will be coming over after Christmas..... I am still trying to finish posting my decorations room by room and then I have my Country Folk visit to share too!! Busy, busy, busy...

  4. Love the detail on your beautiful teared village.

  5. The little village is amazing. Great items again
    Hugs Alessandra


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