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Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring is Blooming in the Back Yard

Spring is officially here!  

  H and I have been busy in the back yard....the cleaning is pretty well it's time for plants and decor!   

As we moved things out to clean under them,  some of them found a new!

This white metal screen was one of the things that found a new home.  

The lady scare crow that was here the last couple of summers needed a new dress, and  sadly I haven't been able to find one in her!   So,  she was dug up and moved to the area behind the studio ....commonly called the junk wait for a makeover.o

Flower bed last year..............................................................Flower bed this year

I've had this old metal sink on a Singer sewing machine bottom in the greenhouse in years past.     So   when we moved it out to clean the floor under moved right out the door and into this flower bed.  
The swing needs some TLC really bad!    I tied rag strips to the chicken wire canopy a couple of years ago to filter the sunlight.   The first year,  the strips were a colorful pink and green.....last year they were a very light pink and green.....this year they are white.   

I haven't finished the green house spring clean up yet,  but I will share it when I'm done.

Anyway,  back to the flower bed that we have been working on.     The metal animals spent the winter in the green house and they sure were glad to get out of there and breath some fresh spring air.

H and I are getting too old to spend a lot of time on our knee's digging holes in the ground to plant flowers!    So this year I will be using more hanging baskets and container gardening to add color to the yard.

I also am adding more colorful metal art to the flower beds.    Have you seen the big selection that Hobby Lobby has?

Here is the back side of the metal screen.      I haven't finished it yet,  but will share when I do.

 Over in the right side of the photo you can see a peek of the out building in the corner of the yard.

Here's a better look at that corner.    I haven't done anything to that area yet,  but will share when I do.

We moved the wrought iron table and chairs from the deck on the side of the house.    We are doing a complete makeover of that area.   The deck wood is in really bad shape,  so we are going to take it down and do something different there.   Will share when it's finished!

I don't know if this is a permanent home for the table and chairs,  but it will be there most of the summer for sure.   I plan to "plant" some flowers in the two baskets on my pink  three wheeled bicycle.

Everything falls thru the wrought iron table top,  so we added mirror to make a safe surface for out drinks and stuff.  I love the way the tree branches reflect in the mirror.    The iris and lilac's are blooming in the yard,  so I filled a vintage watering can to make a centerpiece for the table.

Happy first day of Spring!


  1. Happy 1st day of spring to you, too, Penny. I love all the windows and light that floods your home. So pretty- xo Diana

  2. Penny everything is so lovely and the bike is super cute!

  3. Wow! Looks fantastic! Flowers are beautiful and love your little houses !

  4. You never cease to amaze me, just beautiful and enchanting. I could get lost with a good book and a cup of tea sitting on your chairs and mirror topped table. Great idea.

  5. Penny,
    You are trying to make me jealous of your nice weather , aren't you????LOL!! It still looks like the frozen tundra here but the snow is melting pretty fast.But it is now so messy and sloppy here. LOVE that screen!! Gorgeous and I adore the sink on the old Singer frame work!! So pretty!! I always have envied all your little buildings!! They are just lovely and what a great idea to use a mirror on the table. We did have our chairs on our front porch but when we heard about the Blizzard coming, we moved them to my neighbor's house which is vacant and we watch. Maybe in a week or so we can bring them back on the porch!! LOL!!

  6. Penny, everything is so lovely, pretty and delicate.
    Hugs Alessandra

  7. Happy first day of Spring back to you Penny. I'm a new follower. I love all the touches in your yard. Thanks for sharing your spring.
    Joyous Wishes, Linda

  8. I'm with you on container flowers at this point. We do have a vegetable garden but other than blessing the rest of the flower beds---we don't do too much. Pots and hanging plants are really the only way to go. Lovely yard, just waiting to burst into are so far ahead of our gloomy chicagoland March, Sandi

  9. I love your yard and decor!! That Roses sign caught my eye--perfect for me, as my name is Rose! LOL Everything looks so magical!!

  10. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your back yard. Thank you for sharing at the Creative Muster party. PINNED
    Robin | Fluster Buster


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