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Friday, August 18, 2017

Tying Up Loose Ends in the Family Room

I had some unfinished business in the family room!    Do you ever move on to another project before you've finished the one you started....happens to me all the time!

  When I created a new lamp shade from a chicken wire cloche.....there was supposed to be a pair of them.  One on on each side of the sofa.    Now I can mark that off my list!

The lamp shades aren't exactly alike since I used left overs to create them,   but they are similar

This one has pink bird crystals hung on it .......

The ribbon is different ,,,,,,and it has a crystal cross on the front

If you missed the post on how I decorated the one by H's chair,  here's a link to it......

My next unfinished project was the screen for the fireplace.

One side of the screen is covered in white lace.........Now,   the other side of it is covered in a white and grey buffalo check.

It was an easy project,   I just sprayed adhesive on  the board,   smoothed the fabric out,  and trimmed it with a razor blade.

I had bought several yards of this fabric.    I wanted  to make a table cloth,   cover the piano bench,  cover the fireplace screen AND cover a couple of pillows.   Still need to cover the pillows,  but at least I've completed more of the project now.   I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby,   it's about $6 a yard if you use your coupon.

In order to have a pair of lamps for each side of the sofa,   I had to give up the lamp base that was on the table by my chair.    I shopped the house and found a base in the guest room that was perfect.

I  wanted my lamp to be similar to the ones on each side of the sofa..

I had another chicken wire still have one more like this one only a bit bigger!    

I decided not to hang crystals on this shade.    I just clipped some vintage button cards around the rim of it.

Then I crated a little farmhouse style vignette on the sewing machine base.

I also changed out my blanket and pillow.

My side of the room is on the left and H is on the right.
  We have meals in our recliners more often than I want to admit......our laptops are right by our chairs......I have a pink bag full of stuff I "need" by my chair......pillows .....blankets......etc.....

Most of my loose ends in the family room are tied up now and I'm ready for the week end.


  1. The matched large check table cloth, screen and stool are gorgeous. It so much easier to make these things yourself from one bolt of fabric than trying to find matching items. Love this.

  2. I love the soft colors in this room, Penny. It is just feminine and pretty. xo Diana

  3. I know what you mean about leaving projects unfinished to move onto the next ;) You've poured so much love in that space that I'm sure no one but you notices - I can totally relate! I am in awe of what you've created. So pretty and comfy!

  4. Everything looks wonderful. Your personal touches make it so special.

  5. Penny,
    I love the changes that you made to your Living Room.......I am sure H loves the change that you have made. And I know you are enjoying them!!

  6. Pretty changes you did to your already lovely living room dear friend.
    It looks pretty, comfy, cozy and inviting. I'm sure you and hubby are very happy too.

  7. Beautiful. On the lamp with the buttons around the bottom. Instead of the black office clips, maybe you could use Velcro, something that would make them removable later on. The clips kind of make it look funky. But if you like it, that's all that matters.


    I could picture this in your home.

  9. Penny, your house is just so pretty! I love how feminine it is.

  10. Love the harvest!!!
    Thanks for joining us at last week's Reader Tip Tuesday. I'm hoping you join us this week:

    We're open all week & growing. Hope you have a GREAT weekend. xo


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